9 Shows Like ‘The Bear’ to Watch While You Wait for Season 4

“The Bear” returned to record viewership for Hulu and FX with its Season 3 premiere last week, and fans are craving their next fix of quality bingeable series.

The Emmy Award-winning restaurant-set dramedy follows Carmy, an elite-level chef after he moves back home to take over his late brother’s failing restaurant. In the latest season, flashbacks allow fan-favorite guest stars from Season 2 to make reappearances. Creator Christopher Storer said he envisions the third and fourth seasons as one continuous story, so audiences are on the edge of their seats for the upcoming season, which is already in the can.

The first episode of the Jeremy Allen White-led show’s third installment amassed 5.4 million views globally in its first four days streaming, according to data provided by Disney, and four days after its debut, “The Bear” is the No. 1 most-watched FX on Hulu season premiere ever.

While “The Bear” has already been renewed for Season 4, we’re in for another long wait until we see how that cliffhanger resolves. In the meantime, we’ve rounded up nine kitchen classics and high-stress shows to watch after “The Bear” Season 3.

“Hell’s Kitchen”

Gordon Ramsay
Gordon Ramsay in “Hell’s Kitchen” (Credit: Fox)

Craving more kitchen chaos after binge watching “The Bear”? Well, “Hell’s Kitchen” with Gordon Ramsay may be what you need to itch that scratch. Ramsay’s berating of the contestants is not too unlike Carmy’s training at his prestigious culinary school and the passion that he brings along to The Beef restaurant. – Tess Patton

Where to stream: Hulu


Fleabag (Phoebe Waller-Bridge) in Fleabag (Photo: Prime Video)
Phoebe Waller-Bridge in “Fleabag” (Credit: Prime Video)

Grappling with similar themes of grief and chaos, Phoebe Waller Bridge’s “Fleabag” is the perfect supplement to “The Bear.” Though not set in a culinary environment, both shows represent the grieving process. The relationship between Fleabag and her uptight sister Claire is not unlike that of Carmy and his sister “Sugar.” Their differences are extreme, leading to explosive bickering ending in a hug. In both shows, pent-up feelings lead to untimely emotional outbursts. The dark comedies have similar tones and episode lengths – binge-worthy content if you can emotionally handle it. – TP

Where to stream: Prime Video


Donald Glover in “Atlanta” (Credit: FX)

While this critically acclaimed FX series differs from “The Bear” in many ways, its tenets as a gripping drama following a man back to his birthplace attempting to make it big mirror that of Carmy. “Atlanta,” created by and starring Donald Glover, dips in and out of reality, diving into surrealistic elements at times. These vignettes of life before are reminiscent of Carmy’s flashbacks to his culinary training days. Both of the character-driven series keep you invested and wanting to come back. Explore “Atlanta” after you’ve moved on from Chicago and The Original Beef. – TP

Where to stream: Hulu


Jeremy Strong in Succession "With Open Eyes"
Jeremy Strong in “Succession” (Credit: HBO)

“Succession” follows a fictional mega-media corporation successors’ attempt to show founder and CEO Logan Roy who is most deserving to take over the company while trying to fend off employees with similar goals. Similarly to “The Bear,” the HBO series handles serious subject matter through a snarky, comedic lens. Both shows follow strong characters who drive the show and keep you watching. While it might not be the restaurant rush, the flurry of the fast-paced, big-money business world rivals it. – TP

Where to stream: Max


Hacks Jean Smart
Jean Smart and Hannah Einbinder in “Hacks” (Credit: Max)

If it’s a dysfunctional working relationship that you’re looking for in your next watch, “Hacks” will serve up a delicious scenario for you. When Deborah Vance (Jean Smart) needs to freshen up her stand-up, newcomer Ava Daniels (Hannah Einbinder) comes in and shakes things up to Deborah’s chagrin, much like Carmy shifting routines in Season 1. Like the rest of the staff of The Beef, Deborah slowly but hesitantly takes note of Ava’s suggestions, opening the doors for Deborah’s second — and even third — act. Deborah and Ava are pretty rough around the edges, meaning that their arguments cut just as deep as Carmy and Richie’s biggest fights. While “Hacks” has its dark moments here and there, the women grow a love and respect for one another that gives an uplifting tone to the show, which might give some much needed relief after binging “The Bear” Season 3. — Loree Seitz

Where to stream: Max

“The Flight Attendant”

Kaley Cuoco in “The Flight Attendant” (Credit: Max)

The same kinda of stressful, kind of satisfying payoff as “The Bear” can be found in Kaley Cuoco’s “The Flight Attendant.” Centering on an alcoholic flight attendant who finds herself at the center of a murder mystery, Cassandra (Cuoco) is forced to put together the pieces of a brutal assassination, despite her drinking causing her to be a pretty unreliable narrator. Yes, it sounds dark, but the Max series weaves in moments of levity in the same way as “The Bear.” The dark comedy also stars Zosia Mamet, Griffin Matthews, T. R. Knight, Rosie Perez and Michiel Huisman. — LS

Where to stream: Max

“Top Chef”

Victoire Gouloubi in “Top Chef: World All-Stars” (Credit: Bravo)
Victoire Gouloubi in “Top Chef: World All-Stars” (Credit: Bravo)

Watch the real-world kitchen lingo in action on “Top Chef.” The 20-season reality competition show has stuck around for a reason. Aspiring chefs compete at the highest level for the title of Top Chef. The “Restaurant Wars” episodes in particular give you a taste of “The Bear,” as the chefs are challenged to create their own menu for a three-course restaurant. Also, a few of the top chefs that Carmy works for in the show, including Daniel Boulud and Thomas Keller,  make guest appearances on the reality program. – TP

Where to stream: Netflix

“Kitchen Confidential”

Nicholas Brendon and Bradley Cooper in “Kitchen Confidential” (Credit: Fox)
Nicholas Brendon and Bradley Cooper in “Kitchen Confidential” (Credit: Fox)

A young Bradley Cooper plays a spoof of renowned Chef Anthony Bourdain in “Kitchen Confidential.” Chef Jack Bourdain in the 2005 Fox series was a culinary genius from a young age, much like Carmy. His success led to a life of lots of drugs, lots of ladies and lots of booze. After hitting rock bottom, he gets stuck at a job at a tacky chain restaurant but is given the opportunity to work his way back to the top. If you want a cheesy knock-off of “The Bear” (the series was canceled after its first season), this one is for you. – TP

Where to stream: Hulu, Disney+


“Shameless” (Paul Sarkis/SHOWTIME)

Were you wondering where you’d seen Jeremy Allen White before? It may be time for a “Shameless” rewatch. The star got his start on the dramedy series, also about a dysfunctional family, at 21. Also set in Chicago, “Shameless” follows the relationships between six kids and their alcoholic father. His character in the long-running Showtime series was also prone to explosive tempers and high intelligence. This bingeable hit is a great follow-up to the explosive series. – TP

Where to stream: Netflix

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