All 9 Pixar Sequels, Ranked From Worst to Best

“Inside Out 2” marks the 9th sequel to a Pixar movie, and much like some of the sequels before it, it’s coming almost a full decade after its predecessor. But, how does this movie compare to Pixar’s other sequels?

Now in theaters, “Inside Out 2” once again follows Riley and her emotions. But this time, she’s going through puberty, which means a whole lot of new emotions have moved in, including Anxiety. You can see what TheWrap thought of the movie here, but we’re here to discuss sequels.

In fact, we ranked them all, from worst — and we use that term loosely, since most of these are actually pretty good films — to best. See where your favorite falls below.

9. Cars 3


You’d be forgiven if you forgot that a third “Cars” movie was made. It introduced some cool new characters — specifically Cristela Alonzo’s Cruz Ramirez, who you wouldn’t be forgiven for forgetting — but on the whole, it’s not a particularly memorable film in terms of story.

The film shows Lightning McQueen coming to terms with the end of his career while a new, cocky rookie is on the rise, and brings everything full circle back to where “Cars” began. But, when held next to the other sequels Pixar has made for its films, “Cars 3” doesn’t quite compare.

8. Toy Story 4


This is one sequel that, realistically, didn’t need to exist, because “Toy Story 3” could’ve been the perfect end to the series (more on that shortly).

Toy Story 4” gets points for bringing Tony Hale’s Forky into the world, but it’s hard to fathom the idea that, after three movies of wanting nothing more than to bring joy to kids, Woody would just leave his friends behind to become a lost toy. It just…doesn’t work.

7. Cars 2

Two words: Spy Mater. Two more words: Michael Caine.

“Cars 2” really only works because of how wonderfully silly it is in terms of story. This film is a full-on animated spy movie, just with cars instead of humans. Mater becomes a spy, earns a knighthood from the queen and still helps his best friend Lightning McQueen along the way.

6. Finding Dory

Walt Disney Studios/ Pixar
Walt Disney Studios/ Pixar

Really, “Finding Dory” could probably be considered as tied with the next entry. But we’ll get to that in a second.

In “Finding Nemo,” Dory’s short-term memory loss was mostly just a means of humor, until she gets serious about how much it means to her to remember P. Sherman, 42 Wallaby Way, Sydney. So, it’s nice to explore her origins in “Finding Dory.”

It’s even nicer that, in the end, she gets all she’s ever wanted. Her family, her found family, her friends, and a life with all of them free in the ocean. Plus, this movie contains an insane car chase sequence that culminates in Louis Armstrong’s “What a Wonderful World.”

In most cases, this would be hard to beat.

5. Monsters University


As origin stories go, “Monsters University” is a delightful way to learn about how Mike Wazowski and James P. Sullivan came to be BFFs. It’s a real story of brotherhood — literally, as it incorporates college Greek life — and it’s decidedly rewatchable.

It only just edges out “Finding Dory.”

4. Inside Out 2

Inside Out 2
“Inside Out 2” (Pixar)

The story beats may feel a bit similar to “Inside Out” at times, but “Inside Out 2” still manages to capture magic in how it breaks down huge life concepts, like anxiety, for children. It’s visually stunning, has memorable new characters, and is a worthy follow-up to its predecessor.

3. Incredibles 2


Arguably no Pixar sequel was as heavily anticipated as “The Incredibles 2” and, for the most part, it delivered.

Putting Elastigirl at the heart of the action, it held true to her intro in the first movie, where she jokes about leaving the saving of the world to the men. And, in leaving Mr. Incredible at home with three super kids, it made for some great comedy.

It’s a proper superhero film outside the MCU and DC Universe, and it makes for a very fun watch.

2. Toy Story 3

Walt Disney Studios/ Pixar
Walt Disney Studios/ Pixar

Look, if you don’t get worked up over the furnace scene like it’s the first time you’re seeing it when you watch this movie, you may not be someone we can trust.

“Toy Story 3” delves into the scariness of entering real adulthood, and having to leave your childhood favorites behind, whether you actually want to or not. It’s a beautiful story, and seeing Woody, Buzz and the gang go to a loving new home felt like the perfect bookend to the franchise at the time.

1. Toy Story 2

Toy Story 2 Barbie

In the end, “Toy Story 2” has to take the top slot.

Not only did the new characters introduced in this film become permanent pieces of the group — you simply can’t exclude Jessie and Bullseye when you think of the “Toy Story” toys now — but it also had a heart-wrenching scene set to “When Somebody Loved Me” by Sarah McLaughlin.

“Toy Story 2” was both original and stayed true to the heart of the first film, and there’s an argument to be made that it is, in fact, a perfect sequel.

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