9 best looks: Fendi Women Spring Summer 2023 is a tribute to its archives

Fendi Women SS23 Finale
Fendi Women SS23 Finale

Kim Jones has brought the Maison’s past to the future with his latest Fendi Women Spring Summer 2023 collection.

Some say that, to improve, one should always learn from past events or episodes. For Kim Jones, it’s by going down on journey through Fendi’s archives from 1996 to 2002 — the work of Karl Lagerfeld. For Fendi Women Spring Summer 2023, Kim Jones is continuing on a steady trajectory of drawing upon Fendi’s history to breathe fresh perspectives into his designs. After all, that is something he has established ever since he joined the team.

The very Fendation (or foundation) of the House’s aesthetics can be seen during reimagined the show in Milan — from a logo introduced in 2000 to a floral print taken from its extensive annals. Fendi‘s Women Spring Summer 2023 collection is a harmonious affair of neutrals meet bold pops of colour. Think vivid green and vibrant blue. Silhouettes now, a tribute to Fendi’s prowess on form and function, appeared to be a comfortable mix between pop-infused eclecticism and minimalist ease.

Fendi’s ethos is front and centre throughout the collection. Layered with technical fabrics and now lighter than before are organic textures such as leather, shearling, fur, and cashmere. A familiar piece from the Autumn Winter 2022 Fendi Couture collection, the Obi belt, made a memorable appearance during the showcase. Elsewhere, a Peekaboo has now been sliced in half to become among the season’s must-have accessories.

“It’s about continuity. I am interested in looking at things that Karl has done, and seeing how we can develop them, both visually and technically,” says Jones. The Fendi Women Spring Summer 2023 collection is like a mirror ball; taking the fashion sphere on an adventure enthusiastically decked with an old-yet-new attitude as seen on the runway.

Here are 9 best looks from the Fendi Women Spring Summer 2023 show.

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