'9-1-1' Fans Are Ecstatic Over Jennifer Love Hewitt's "Secret" Movie News

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Jennifer Love Hewitt Spills Big "Christmas Secret"Fox - Getty Images

Looks like releasing her new memoir isn't the only thing Jennifer Love Hewitt will have going on this December!

The author and actress currently stars in the hit ABC drama 9-1-1, but in a surprise announcement from Deadline, she revealed she's going to be executive producing and starring in a new holiday film later this year. Currently titled The Holiday Junkie, the movie will be a part of Lifetime's It's a Wonderful Lifetime 2024 lineup. What's more, her family will be involved — Jennifer's husband Brian Hallisay and their three children (daughter Autumn and sons Atticus and Aidan) are set to appear in the film as well.

Shortly after the news broke, Jennifer shared a screenshot of the Deadline article on Instagram. "I have been keeping a Christmas secret!" she excitedly wrote on June 6. "The Holiday Junkie is coming to your TV! Can’t wait!"

When Jennifer's fans learned she would be sharing the screen with her family for a Christmas movie, they couldn't help but cheer her on.

"This is the best news I have heard all day today and I am so excited for this new project and so happy to see you and your husband together on TV! 🤗🥰Congrats! 🥳🥂," one person wrote.

"Couldn’t love this more! Christmas came early! 🌲🌲💗💗💗," another exclaimed.

"Fantastic news! You were born to make a Christmas movie 🎄🎅 Can't wait to see it! ❤️," a different follower added.

So, what will The Holiday Junkie be about? According to TV Insider, the movie is inspired by Jennifer's love of all things Christmas and the loss of her mother Patricia. According to the film's official log line, the film "will follow Andie, played by Hewitt, who runs a decorating and planning service company with her mom, Mimi. After Mimi passes away, Andie is forced to face her first Christmas without her mother and carry the Holiday Junkie torch on her own."

We'll certainly be counting the days until we get to see Jennifer and her family on-screen this holiday season!

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