83-year-old marathon runner dreams of Paris

STORY: This 83-year-old great-grandmother runs 30 miles a week

Location: Villiers-Adam, France

Barbara Humbert hopes to take part in Paris Olympic Games 'Marathon For All'

a race opening the Olympic route to non-elite competitors for the first time

20,024 bibs will be distributed, but participants are picked in a random draw

(Barbara Humbert, Runner)

“The Marathon For All, the MPT, for the occasion of the Olympic Games in 2024 -- I absolutely need this bib. So there is already my husband Jacques who is working on it, who has made contacts. But so far I haven't heard back. My kids call me all the time, only last night one of my daughters called asking, 'Are you doing enough for mum for her to get her bib?' But I think he's doing what he can."

Last year, Humbert beat a world record at the French athletics championships

by running 78 miles in 24 hours at the age of 82

"I am very modest because we're always glad and happy to have finished a marathon, a big race, to have succeeded. And the medals, they show me the effort.

"But this Marathon For All this time is like a crowning achievement. It's a bouquet of flowers. After all, at the end of all the marathons I've done so far, it's really going to be the bouquet. The reward."