81 year-old skateboarder learns new tricks

This 81 year-old skateboarder loves mastering new tricks

LOCATION: Osaka, Japan

(SOUNDBITE) (Japanese) 81-YEAR-OLD SKATEBOARDER YOSHIO KINOSHITA, SAYING:"There was a market selling unclaimed items from the railway. When I went there I happened to see a skateboard which was selling for 800 yen ($7.15). So I bought it. Young people are doing it and I wondered whether I could do it. But I had a drink which boosted my courage and I bought the skateboard. At first I was holding on to the railing while I was skateboarding."

Yoshio Kinoshita hits the local skate park five or six times a week

to learn new techniques from younger skaters

(SOUNDBITE) (Japanese) 81-YEAR-OLD SKATEBOARDER YOSHIO KINOSHITA, SAYING:"For people like me who try to learn new things, if we don't practice it little by little every day we will forget how to do it immediately. I thought I could do the trick because I did it yesterday, but today I still couldn't do it. I had to learn from the beginning again. So my skills can be improved only by a little. That's why I think I have to come here and practice every day."

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