8 shoe trends that are in this summer and 5 that are out, according to designers

8 shoe trends that are in this summer and 5 that are out, according to designers
  • Business Insider asked four fashion designers to share shoe trends that are in and out this summer.

  • Chelsea boots, trail sneakers, and mules are on the rise for the coming months.

  • On the other hand, platform clogs and pointed-toed heels are losing steam.

Shoe prices are finally steadying after an incredibly expensive March, so now is the perfect time to stock your closet with all the summer staples.

Business Insider spoke to four fashion designers about which shoe trends are in and out for summer.

Here's what they said.

Heeled flip-flops are a chic and comfortable look.

Carla Ginola is seen wearing a brown faux leather Zimmermann outfit outside the Zimmermann show during the Womenswear Spring/Summer 2024 as part of Paris Fashion Week
You can really lean into the trend with Y2K features like butterflies. Daniel Zuchnik/Getty Images

Flip-flops with an added platform or heel are a great way to elevate a summer look, according to Danielle Udoh, designer and founder of NADI.

"People want comfort in their looks, especially when it's hot, so these are perfect since they can be easily slipped on," she said.

Chelsea boots are still going to be popular in warmer weather.

legs and feet of someone wearing gray pants and brown chelsea boots
You don't have to pack away all your boots this summer. Ryan Garrett/Shutterstock

Noah Johansen, designer and founder of Creek, said to think twice before storing your Chelsea boots away for the summer.

"Chelsea boots are perfect for skinny and bootcut jeans, and Gen Z will be pulling them off with high-fashion-inspired looks this summer," he told BI.

Platform heels are in, especially in darker colors.

woman walking down the street wearing all black including black platform high heels
Dark-glam is back this summer. Creative Lab/Shutterstock

Although platform heels are popular in all styles, people are veering toward darker colors this summer, according to Johansen.

"These are super chic on anyone trying to do a dark-glam look, and I think they go well with the Y2K aesthetic," he told BI.

The designer suggested looking for pairs at secondhand stores or on online marketplaces with vintage clothes like Depop.

Trail sneakers aren't just for hiking anymore.

lower half of a woman's legs wearing purple leggings and trail sneakers
There are some fun athleisure possibilities in the summer. Diamond Bitzer/Shutterstock

Samuel Reid designer and founder of Slithery, told BI that trail and hiking shoes are now being worn with streetwear and high-fashion ensembles. This is especially true for pairs from popular brands like New Balance and Salomon.

"Some classic sneaker brands have been making a resurgence this season, leading the wave of outdoor-oriented looks," he said.

Mules can be versatile and cozy.

woman sitting on an outdoor patio wearing casual clothes and red high heeled mules
You can upgrade the look with heeled mules for nicer occasions.Valeriia Lukashova/Shutterstock

If you're looking for a simple yet sleek shoe this summer, Princess Logan, designer and founder of Duvera the Brand, suggested mules.

"Mules are super comfortable and go with any ensemble for any occasion," the designer said.

Oxfords can be worn with several types of outfits.

bottom half of a man's legs wearing blue pants and brown oxford shoes
You can dress up or dress down Oxford shoes. Teerawit Chankowet/Shutterstock

Although Oxfords are typically considered a dressier shoe, Reid said they're becoming staples for all kinds of getups.

"Oxfords are a classic staple, and we're going to be seeing more of them this summer than in recent years," he told BI. "They can be worn with a wide variety of outfits for a clean look."

Classic sneakers are a great staple in your summer wardrobe.

lower half of a man's body walking on the street wearing gray shorts and white high top sneakers
Simple high-top sneakers can be worn with so many different looks. Rawpixel.com/Shutterstock

According to Logan, low-profile and basic sneakers remain popular, particularly from brands like Converse and Vans.

"Classic shoes from these brands will never go out of style because they're nostalgic and practical," she told BI.

On the other hand, platform rubber clogs are losing popularity.

woman sitting on steps wearing a bright yellow and green outfit complete with yellow platform crocs
Over-the-top Crocs had their moment, but it's over for now.Elena Rostunova/Shutterstock

Platform clogs, especially rubber varieties like Crocs, have been popular lately. But according to Logan, the trend is quickly dying out.

"In my opinion, these look a bit tacky and seem harder to style with outfits than regular clogs," she said.

Low-top basketball sneakers aren’t trending anymore.

lower half of a man's legs wearing joggers and black, red, and white nike sneakers
Nike Dunks and similar styles were popular low-top sneakers. phil_berry/Shutterstock

According to Johansen, the buzz around low-top basketball shoes as everyday wear is dying out, specifically when it comes to popular styles like Nike Dunks.

"People have already stopped buying these, and I think a lot of people will opt for a low-profile, basic sneaker from brands like Adidas and Reebok instead," the designer told BI.

Pointed-toe heels are being left behind.

woman wearing a red jacket, a fancy white skirt, and white pointed toe heels
This summer, stick to round and square heels.Creative Lab/Shutterstock

With square- and round-toe high heels becoming more popular, Udoh said people aren't reaching for pairs with long, pointy toes anymore.

"Pointy toes are so 2018," she told BI. "I've noticed that everyone around me is collectively over this trend."

Rare sneakers don't have the same pull anymore.

woman walking down a street wearing a long cheetah print dress and trendy red sneakers
Hyper-trendy sneakers are being ditched for more classic styles. eversummerphoto/Shutterstock

At one point, people loved the chase that led to obtaining rare sneakers — especially those popularized by the Hypebeast sneaker blog. But according to Johansen, that trend is over.

"The concept is a good example of the hyper-consumerist culture that lots of people are trying to get away from," he told BI.

Boots with a tight calf aren't a comfy choice this summer.

woman walking down a sidewalk wearing a tight dress and tight knee-high boots
Opt for more comfortable boot options this summer. MoMo Productions/Getty Images

High-fashion boots with tight-calved silhouettes were having a moment earlier this year. But lack of an inclusive size range called for a quick decline in popularity, according to Logan.

"The style is cute in theory, but with the lack of different sizes for different-sized calves, the trend didn't last long," the designer told BI.

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