8-Year-Old Kayaks Through Georgia Neighborhood After Heavy Rainfall

Following two days of heavy rainfall in Brooklet, Georgia, one eight-year-old local was given the green light from his parents to take advantage of the watery conditions in the area, as he kayaked through his neighborhood on April 23.

Amanda Glaze-Crampes captured footage of her son kayaking along a roadside area filled with water, as the boy’s stepfather, Shawn Crampes, kept a close eye on the youngster, walking alongside him.

Speaking to Storyful, Glaze-Crampes said that after 48 hours of heavy rainfall her son jokingly asked about kayaking outside. After she initially “laughed” at the request, she then relented

Her son eventually managed to go kayaking for “a hundred or so yards.”

The National Weather Service predicted storms and heavy rainfall for Bulloch County, where the city of Brooklet is located, in the days prior to the video being shot. Perhaps the younger Campes will keep a close eye out for similar weather warnings in the future, in case he can refine his kayaking skills even more. Credit: Amanda Glaze-Crampes via Storyful