8 of the best feminine hygiene products for cleaning down there

These have been selected for their gentle, soothing properties. [Photo: Getty]
These have been selected for their gentle, soothing properties. [Photo: Getty]

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There are many feminine washes available on the market, so many in fact, that it can seem a bit of a minefield when deciding which one to pick in the supermarket.

The NHS recommends we use plain, unperfumed soaps to wash the area around the vagina because the vagina does “clean itself”.

That said, the NHS also says that good perineal hygiene is necessary, which many include washing the area more than once a day during mensuration.

We’ve whittled down the very best in feminine hygiene products and selected the most natural, gentle washes worthy of any shower-time routine.

Some women find using a gentler wash around the vagina area to work better than using their usual shower gel.

Everyday shower gels can be perfumed and a little harsh on sensitive areas, causing itching and discomfort.

These feminine washes work whether you’re at the gym, on your period or as part of a daily routine.

From Faith In Nature’s ultra-gentle cleanser to Femfresh’s shower and shave creme, there’s a hygiene for everybody.

8 best feminine hygiene products

Faith In Nature Feminine Wash | £4.25 from Holland & Barrett

A mild wash made with a 100% natural fragrance and enriched with aloe vera. It’s designed to refresh all skin-types. It’s a great one to use if your skin is feeling sensitive.

Femfresh Shower & Shave Creme | £3.99 from Boots

Femfresh is renowned for its selection of feminine hygiene products. This is a great choice to reduce razor bumps and redness caused by shaving and skin irritations.

WooWoo Micellar Intimate Wash | £5.65 from FeelUnique

Great for maintaining a good pH balance, the WooWoo micellar wash looks more like water than foam. This one can be used just as you would use a normal shower gel.

Boots Gentle Feminine Wash | £2.29 from Boots

This soap-free wash is designed to minimise odour without being an annoying irritant. It’s a great one to use during periods because the natural witch hazel helps to softly cleanse.

Canesfresh Feminine Wash | £5.66 from Amazon

Canesfresh, from the makers of Canesten, is made with lipids which gives your skin an extra protective layer against irritation. This is ideal for people who frequently wear tights or tight trousers.

OrganiCup OrganiWash | £5.99 from Holland and Barrett

This has been specially designed for people who use menstural cups. It can be used to clean both yourself and the menstural cup without having to worry about the pH balance or irritation.

Megs Menopause Intimate Wash | £10 from Boots

This vegan intimate wash has been designed with menopausal women in mind. There’s also a moisturiser available too, which helps stop the vagina area from feeling dry or uncomfortable.

Kind Organic Cotton Wipes | £3.49 from Boots

These biodegradable and compostable wipes are our favourite on-the-go option. They’re pH balanced (some wipes are not so it’s good to check) and suitable for sensitive skin.

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