7 Shows Like ‘The White Lotus’ To Watch As You Wait For Season 4

While you wait for Season 4, consider these shows like The White Lotus to tide you over.

The White Lotus Season 4 is set to begin production right here in Thailand next month. The production is still unveiling the cast and specific filming locations are being kept under wraps (though CNN has keenly observed that the Four Seasons Koh Samui is fully booked for a period in February and March). It’s likely we won’t see anything from Season 4 until sometime in 2025, so while we wait, these shows may fill the murder mystery hilarity-shaped hole in our hearts in the meantime. Here are some shows like The White Lotus you might enjoy.

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From ‘Succession’ to ‘The Resort’: 7 shows like ‘The White Lotus’ you need to watch


If the social divide between the wealthy guests and the staff that bend over backwards to accommodate them is cruel and hilarious in The White Lotus, then crank that up to about a hundred and you get Succession. The Roys are the epitome of wealth privilege, a family that cares about no one else and thinks that they can do anything because they’re filthy rich. If the things the guests do in The White Lotus are absurd, the Roys are worse. There’s not a lot of (explicit) murder in Succession but there sure is a lot of backstabbing. 

Only Murders in the Building

On par with the humour and the mystery of HBO’s critically acclaimed show, Only Murders in the Building is more light-hearted but still intriguing. An unlikely group of people played by legends Martin Short, Steve Martin, and Selena Gomez, bond over murder… well, murder podcasts. But when one of their friends dies in the iconic New York building they live in, they decide to investigate and make their own podcast about it. 

The Morning Show

The White Lotus pokes fun at the wealth and social divide. The Morning Show, while also commenting on the gender divide in the workplace, leans into it instead. The Apple TV Original is definitely more serious and harrowing than the HBO show, but the social commentary both shows make bears quite a similarity. One is just a tad more serious than the other. 

The Resort

The White Lotus takes place at a resort. The Resort takes place at… a resort. The similarities don’t end there though. A couple, played by Cristin Milioti and William Jackson Harper, are vacationing in the Mayan Riviera. Both of them feel differently about their marriage, but when the lure of an unsolved mystery pulls them in, they may just have found something that will make their relationship lively again—or it might destroy it. 

The Flight Attendant

Murder sure does have hilarious consequences. The first season of this show, which stars Kaley Cuoco in the titular role, finds her life turned upside down after she wakes up and her one-night stand is dead right next to her. From there, the series unravels thrillingly and hilariously much like how The White Lotus does until it finally unveils who died and who was responsible at the end of the season.

Schitt’s Creek

The White Lotus Resorts are located in such picturesque places but Schitt’s Creek puts the wealthy in the middle of a… well, not-so-picturesque town. The ridiculousness of the wealthy, however, is pretty similar in both these shows, and it all results in hilarity. No murder in Schitt’s Creek though. 


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