7-Year-Old Performs Egg Drop on Dad's Forehead

A seven-year-old from Georgia decided to try out an egg drop challenge over his dad’s forehead, luckily achieving a perfect result.

Zeke and his mother saw the science experiment by Steve Spangler on YouTube. Zeke’s mother, Jaclyn Vozniak, told Storyful, “After watching the YouTube video, Zeke and I came up with the idea to incorporate his own version of the Egg Drop Challenge into an Egg Drop Forehead Challenge, which he mastered … thanks to his father’s support.”

Video posted by Vozniak shows Zeke performing the trick by pushing away a cardboard tube on which a raw egg is balanced on his father’s forehead. When the egg falls neatly into the cup of water below, Zeke and his dad cheer.

His experiment successfully completed, Zeke, perhaps inevitably, throws the cup of water over his dad. Credit: Jaclyn Vozniak via Storyful

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