7-year-old influencer tackles perceptions of disability

This is one of Italy's youngest influencers

Seven-year-old Sirio Persichetti is inspiring others

by challenging perceptions of disability

His Instagram page is run by his mother Valentina

"we wanted to tell the story of disability in a different way, to tell it for what it is, something that is not easy to face, but that if channelled into the right direction, with the right help, it can allow these children to enjoy something that can actually be called life."

Sirio has spastic tetraplegia, a form of cerebral palsy

and cannot speak or feed himself

"I must say that in a short time the response, especially from families living in similar situations, was powerful and exciting so we decided to keep going. We understood that it is absolutely necessary to talk about disability without any pity, without the usual ways that disability is narrated."