7 Most Expensive Types Of Caviar That Scream Luxury

most expensive caviar
most expensive caviar

A symbol of upscale dining in many cuisines nowadays, caviar is known for being the zenith of luxurious feasts. Here are the most expensive of kinds of caviar in the world.

Caviar comes from the roe of the sturgeon fish, specifically Sterlet, Osetra, Sevruga, and Beluga. Several factors contribute to the sky-high budget you need to enjoy this gourmet food, and amongst them is the time it takes for a sturgeon to reach maturity. It could start anywhere from 10 to 35 years.

This rarity makes always gives caviar a high demand in the market; however, there are some certain types that not anybody can have anytime they desire. These most expensive caviars in the world are sometimes sold in selected caviar houses, and are very dependable on the seasons.

7 of the World’s Most Expensive Kinds of Caviar

Osetra Karat Gold Caviar

Image credit: Marky’s Caviar
Image credit: Marky’s Caviar

Raised near the river Jordan in Israel, the Osetra sturgeon gives out beautiful golden caviar. These large, flavourful eggs are strikingly golden in colour and taste creamy with a slight nuttiness.

Price: approx. $6,000 per kilogram

Russian Volga Reserve Osetra Caviar

The unbelievable value of this special caviar is mainly due to the age of the Osetra sturgeon. While most caviar is derived from the fish aged from 10 years old and above, the Russian Volga Reserve Osetra takes only the roe from an over 35-year-old Osetra only. This rare, seasonal ingredient offers an intriguing combination of briny flavours and milkiness.

Price: at most $6,000 per kilogram

Golden Imperial Russian Osetra Caviar

Image credit: Browne Trading Company
Image credit: Browne Trading Company

Currently being farmed in Russia and other nearby countries, the golden eggs from the Caspian Osetra are said to have been so exclusive that they were reserved for only the Tsar back in the day. The main highlight of this caviar is the distinctly large size and the beautiful yellow hue.

Price: at most $9,000 per kilogram

Beluga Hybrid Caviar

most expensive caviar
Image credit: Browne Trading Company

The wonderful Beluga Hybrid Caviar is sourced from a cross breed of Beluga and Siberian sturgeon, churning a milder, nuttier taste than the Beluga caviar. The brown pearls are firm and buttery, making it one of the favourites for caviar fans.

Price: at most $9,000 per kilogram

Special Reserve Kaluga Huso Hybrid Caviar

most expensive caviar
Image credit: Petrossian

Kaluga Huso comes from a natural hybrid between Kaluga and Amur, sometimes referred to as the River Beluga. This amazing fish is actually one of the largest freshwater fish there is, and gives out one-of-a-kind amber pearls. The caviar is earthy and creamy but feels well-balanced thanks to its hybrid origin.

Price: approx. $16,000 per kilogram

Almas Caviar

most expensive caviar
Image credit: Almas Caviar Singapore

Almas Caviar, also known as Iranian Caviar, is only sourced from the 60-100 year-old Iranian Beluga in the Caspian sea. As expected, this is one of the world’s most expensive foods, and is best eaten on its own, presenting the full flavour profile of exquisite creaminess and nuttiness.

Price: approx. $34,000 per kilogram

Strottarga Bianco

The most expensive caviar in the world so far is the white gold caviar from the Siberian Albino sturgeon, which takes over ten years to cultivate. While the one bite of heaven already takes around a decade to harvest, its supplier adds a little more detail to amp up the price: 22-karat gold flakes. Altogether, the Strottarga Bianco caviar with the gold flakes on top is deemed to be the most expensive food in the world, according to Time.

Price: approx. $113,630 per kilogram

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