The 7 Best New Movies on Netflix in July 2024

The heat of the summer is here, and there’s a bevy of great new movies to watch on Netflix in July. We’ve put together a curated list of some of the best new films streaming this month, whittling down the complete list of what’s new on Netflix this month to a selection of seven terrific flicks that range from sci-fi blockbusters to action epics to understated romances to even a hidden gem that’s become something of a cult favorite. So if you’re looking to cool off with a great movie in front of the A/C, you’ve come to the right place.

See our list of the best new movies on Netflix in July below.

Beverly Hills Cop: Axel F

Eddie Murphy, Judge Reinhold and John Ashton in “Beverly Hills Cop: Axel F” (Netflix)

Eddie Murphy reprises his legendary character of Axel Foley in the Netflix original sequel “Beverly Hills Cop: Axel F,” which arrives on July 3 just in time for the long Fourth of July weekend. The long-in-the-works fourth film in the series finds Axel returning to Beverly Hills when his daughter (played by Taylour Paige) is in danger, reuniting with old friends (Judge Reinhold, John Ashton, Paul Reiser and Bronson Pinchot are all back) and clashing with new faces (Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Kevin Bacon are new to the franchise). Early word is this is a delightful return to form for the series after the disappointing “Beverly Hills Cop III” effectively hit pause on Axel’s exploits after its release in 1994.

Back to the Future Trilogy

back to the future
Universal Pictures

“Back to the Future” is not only one of the best film trilogies of all time, it’s also one of the most bingeable. The original 1985 film is a bona fide classic with Michael J. Fox playing Marty McFly, a high schooler who accidentally travels back in time and interacts with his parents as high schoolers (played by Lea Thompson and Crispin Glover). 1989’s “Back to the Future Part II” and 1990’s “Back to the Future Part III” were shot back-to-back but are wildly different films – “Part II” travels to the future and offers a decidedly ‘80s twist on dystopia while “Part III” is a full-blown Western. Taken together, director Robert Zemeckis’ trilogy — arriving July 1 — is a wildly entertaining sci-fi jaunt.

Call Me by Your Name

Timothee Chalamet in “Call Me by Your Name” (Sony Pictures Classics)

The film that really put Timothee Chalamet on the map, “Call Me by Your Name” is one of the most deeply felt love stories ever put to screen. Filmmaker Luca Guadagnino transports the viewer to a time and place, yes, but also exudes the feeling of lust, love and possibility throughout. Chalamet plays a 17-year-old vacationing with his family in Italy in 1983 who strikes up a romantic relationship with a 24-year-old grad student (played by Armie Hammer). The soundtrack features two original songs by Sufjan Stevens, and the supporting performance by Michael Stuhlbarg is outstanding. If you dug “Challengers,” also by Guadagnino, check out the director’s more quietly romantic spin on a love story.

Easy A

Emma Stone in “Easy A” (Sony Pictures Releasing)

A delightful romantic comedy with a teen twist, “Easy A” is also a terrific showcase for the charms and talent of Emma Stone. The eventual Oscar winner stars in this 2010 film as a high school student named Olive who, in a bid to help her friend who’s being bullied for being gay, offers to pretend to have sex with him. Olive soon gets a bit of a reputation, all the while boys from her school start paying her in gifts in return for telling people they hooked up. “The Scarlet Letter” serves as a backdrop for this bitingly funny and sharp teen tale, and the swell ensemble cast includes Penn Badgley, Thomas Hayden Church, Lisa Kudrow, Stanley Tucci and Patricia Clarkson.

The Imaginary

The Imaginary
Netflix/Studio Ponoc

The Japanese animated film “The Imaginary,” from Studio Ponoc and released as a Netflix original on July 5, should hearten fans of anime and the work of Studio Ghibli. The film takes place in a world where imaginations are real and follows Rudger, an imaginary boy who tries to race against his fate as those imaginary beings who are forgotten are destined to be dissolved.

Bad Boys 1 and 2

Will Smith and Martin Lawrence in “Bad Boys” (Paramount Pictures)

If “Bad Boys: Ride or Die” got you ready to revisit the franchise from its humble beginnings, “Bad Boys” and the bombastic “Bad Boys II” both hit Netflix on July 8. The original film put director Michael Bay on the map and helped launch the film career of Will Smith alongside Martin Lawrence, and it’s a decidedly lowkey affair compared to the sequels that followed. “Bad Boys II,” released in 2003 after Bay had made a career out of crafting expensive mayhem onscreen, is one of the most over-the-top action movies ever made in the best way possible. Both films are well worth revisiting or watching for the first time.

The Man From U.N.C.L.E.

Henry Cavill, Armie Hammer and Alicia Vikander in “The Man From U.N.C.L.E.” (Warner Bros. Pictures)

Now here’s a hidden gem that deserves to be brought to the forefront. Director Guy Ritchie’s “The Man From U.N.C.L.E.” is a stylish, sexy and flirty spy romp set during the 1960s that is outlandishly enjoyable. Based on the TV series of the same name the story follows a pair of secret agents on opposite sides of the Cold War – Henry Cavill is CIA agent Napoleon Solo while Armie Hammer is KGB Agent Illya Kuryakin – who are forced to work together to stop a maniacal villain played by Elizabeth Debicki. Alicia Vikander is the woman caught in the middle, the daughter of a nuclear scientist. A flirtatious triangle of insults, loaded glances and terrific fashion ensues. This one’s a blast and a half and it arrives on July 27.

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