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The 7 Best Gardening Apps You Need Right Now

Whether you’re an experienced green thumb or a total gardening newbie, it never hurts to have some backup because there’s always a new plant to learn about or some funky bug to identify. That’s where these gardening apps come in handy! Many of our featured apps are free, while others have a minimal cost, ranging from a one-time purchase price to a recurring subscription fee. Some are web-based, so you don’t have to download anything—all you have to do is set up an account. These apps contain a wealth of information ranging from how to plan your garden layout to how to start seeds and everything in between. Some gardening apps connect you to horticultural experts or a community of like-minded plant lovers, so you can share tips or get information on a specific problem. Whether you’ve got a question about annuals versus perennials, full-sun perennials, shade perennials, or a million things about hydrangea care, these apps can help! Plus, they're a fun way to find and connect with other plant lovers or spend a rainy afternoon indoors with your hands in the virtual dirt! Here are a few helpful web-based and downloadable apps that will help your garden grow.