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The 7 Best Bikini Trimmers, Plus Expert Tips On Shaving At Home

At-home hair removal is already a tricky task, but when it comes to your bikini line, you can’t be too careful. Not only is the skin more sensitive, but the hair also tends to be thicker and more coarse. But it’s never a bad idea to have a bikini trimmer on hand if that's your preference.

How to Trim Safely and Properly

Don't Forget to Prep. “Make sure pubic area skin and hair is clean and dry,” says Caitlin Orszulak, R&D Scientist for Gillette Venus. “It also helps if you’ve exfoliated the area before trimming to reduce potential ingrown hairs. Many women will exfoliate and cleanse in the shower and then [proceed to trim] after they’ve dried off.”

Perfect the Technique. “Hold the skin taught with one hand while trimming with the other,” recommends Orszulak. “Flattening the skin makes it easier to remove the hair consistently and comfortably.”

Lighting Is Everything. For obvious reasons, “be sure you have good lighting while trimming this area,” advises Orszulak.

Whether you can’t make it in for an appointment with your trusty waxer, need a last-minute touch-up, or prefer to DIY, these seven trimmers make the process easy and painless.