7 best anime on Netflix with over 90% on Rotten Tomatoes

 Image from Thus Spoke Kishibe Rohan.
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Tired of paying for a new streaming service just to find great new anime? You don't need to shell out for Crunchyroll or HIDIVE to watch the best of the best. You can actually watch some of the highest-rated anime series with your Netflix subscription.

Netflix has an impressive library of anime. But where do you start? That's an easy one. We've rounded up seven of the best anime currently on Netflix with 90% or higher ratings on Rotten Tomatoes. These action-packed, visually stunning series offer something for fans of all stripes. Keep reading for the full list of anime you can add to your queue today — but be warned, you'll probably fly right through these.

'Delicious in Dungeon'

This blend of "Dungeons & Dragons" and "Iron Chef" follows a band of adventurers who find themselves trapped in a dungeon teeming with fantasy creatures. After their leader's sister Falin (Lisa Reimold) is swallowed by a dragon, swordsman Laios (Damien Haas), magician Marcille (Emily Rudd), and locksmith Chilchuck (Casey Mongillo) journey back into the dungeon to rescue her before she's digested. With no supplies, they must forage and feast on the monsters they slay to survive.

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Adapted from an arc of the classic "Astro Boy" manga, this gorgeous retelling is a visual spectacle. Set in a distant future where advanced robots coexist with humans, "Pluto" follows Detective Gesicht (Jason Vande Brake) as he investigates a series of murders targeting the world's seven great robots. As they continue to fall one by one, Gesicht races to uncover the robot killer before he finds himself the next victim.

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'Zom 100: Bucket List of the Dead'

Trapped in an unfulfilling job, protagonist Akira (Zeno Robinson) yearns for more from life just as a zombie apocalypse devastates Tokyo. With impending zombification looming, Akira makes it his mission to complete his bucket list of 100 wishes before he turns into one of the undead. He embraces the end of the world to finally start living. The series changes up tired zombie tropes as Akira revels in apocalyptic freedom. No work, no social requirements, nothing but living life the way he wants to, while he still can.

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Caiman (Aleks Le) is a man on a mission: to hunt down the sorcerer who cursed him with a lizard head. Set in a dystopian city filled with magic-users, this fantasy follows Caiman and his friend Nikaido (Reba Buhr) as they battle violent sorcerers while searching for Caiman's assailant. Filled with bizarre and surreal situations, Caiman is far from the weirdest part of the story, with a mushroom-loving villain, a set of relatable hunters, and a creepy masked shrimp-loving girl on Caiman's trail.

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Legoshi (Jonah Scott) is a timid gray wolf who struggles to control his predatory urges, especially after developing feelings for dwarf rabbit Haru (Lara Jill Miller). When a student is brutally murdered, tensions at their school, Cherryton Academy, reach a breaking point. With everyone on heightened alert, the animals in different social circles begin to suspect one another, while a relationship blossoms between Legoshi and Haru in a way that isn't supposed to happen between predator and prey.

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'Thus Spoke Kishibe Rohan'

In this spin-off of "JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Diamond is Unbreakable," manga creator Rohan Kishibe finds himself caught up in a series of paranormal events while he conducts research for his comics. He goes to Italy, deals with a woman who's killed someone dear to her, and more in a set of tales that defy explanation, all in the same vein of the out-there, action-packed "JoJo." The series can be enjoyed standalone, but it's even better when you're already acquainted with the "JoJo" gang.

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'Carole & Tuesday'

This musical anime follows two aspiring musicians on colonized Mars: Carole (Jeannie Tirado), who was just fired from her dead-end job, and Tuesday (Brianna Knickerbocker), a politician's daughter who ran away from home to pursue music. Despite their vastly different backgrounds, the two cross paths in Alba City and decide to join forces. Together, they start writing songs and chasing their dreams, using music as a way to express their true selves – though like any musician will tell you, the path to stardom isn't always an easy one.

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