At 67, Denise Austin Demonstrates Workout to Target ‘Menopause Belly’

At 67, Denise Austin Demonstrates Workout to Target ‘Menopause Belly’
  • Denise Austin just shared another “fun” and effective workout to target “menopause belly.”

  • The 67-year-old demonstrated two “kickboxing-inspired moves.”

  • The exercises combine cardio and core work.

We love Denise Austin for her ability to inspire women of all ages with her effective workout tips and easy workout moves. The fitness pro has an abundance of wellness tips to help her fans feel their best, including menopause tips—and menopause exercises. In her most recent Instagram video, Austin is sharing “fun” and effective “kickboxing-inspired” workout moves to help women lose weight after menopause and target belly fat known as “menopause belly.”

“Let’s blast that #menopause belly fat with these FUN kickboxing-inspired moves!! Give them a try today!!!” Austin captioned her video, along with hashtags #MotivationMonday and #FitOver50. In the video, Austin demonstrates two core and cardio exercises that help tone the abs and boost the metabolism.

“Here’s a fun way to blast away menopausal belly,” Austin explains before demonstrating the first “kickboxing” exercise. She begins the move by standing firmly on the ground with her feet shoulder-width apart and her fists in front of her, just below her chin. She then performs punching movements (like there was a kickboxing bag or partner in front of her) while slightly pivoting on her feet with each punch. “You’re gonna strike it to the side and really tighten up those abs. I feel it in my tummy right now!” she explains. “Do this for one minute.”

Next, Austin goes straight into the next exercise, which she says is “great” for “cinching” the “waistline.” She simply turns toward the side from her initial stance, transitioning into a high lunge position with her arms extended out in front of her. Then she pulls her back leg up, bringing her knee toward her belly, while pulling her elbows in to meet her knee to target the obliques with the slight twisting motion. “Pull up and in, kick it out,” she says. “Do 10 on each side, you can do it!”

Her fans appreciated the fun and informative video. “Love this energy! I will be trying this! Thank you,” one fan wrote. “Definitely feel that in the abs! Woo-hoo! 🦾” another added. “Thank you, Denise! I have been exercising with you for years! I am 57 and never felt better! Thanks for keeping us healthy!” another wrote.

If you’re looking for more exercises like these, Austin recently shared another “simple and effective” menopausal belly exercise video on Instagram demonstrating a move called the “wood chop,” which targets the “entire core,” she explained. She also acknowledged “how tough that stubborn menopause belly can be,” in the post. “I’ve been through it and still [am] trying my best to stay fit and healthy!”

A well-rounded exercise program including cardio and core exercises (like Austin’s) is key for staying on top of your health. These moves, combined with a nutritious diet, can contribute to overall weight loss and toning. If you’re looking for more effective workouts, check out more of our favorites below.

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