661-pound fish caught in Cambodia said to be "world's largest"

STORY: This stingray weighs 661 pounds

and may be the world's

largest freshwater fish

Location: Stung Treng, Cambodia

It was caught, recorded and released

back into the Mekong river

by a team of researchers and fishermen


"So this is very exciting, it’s very exciting news because it was the world's largest fish. It’s also very exciting news because it means that this stretch of the Mekong is still healthy. We hear a lot of stories about all the problems with the Mekong river, but this is actually a sign of hope that these huge fish still live in the Mekong."

The team named the fish “Boramy”

which translates to full moon


"This world’s largest fish was the first fish that the team tagged and released back into the river, and that means for the next year we’ll be able to track its movements to learn about the stingray’s life. Giant freshwater stingray, they haven't been well studied, we know almost nothing about them, so this is a real opportunity to learn more about one of the world's largest freshwater fish."

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