642 Shramik special trains have been operationalised till May 13: Railways

New Delhi [India], May 13 (ANI): As on May 13, a total of 642 Shramik special trains have been operationalised from various states across the country, the Ministry of Railways said on Wednesday.

Around 7.90 lakh passengers have reached their home state. Trains are being run by Railways only after concurrence is given both by the state which is sending the passengers and the state which is receiving them, read a statement.These 642 trains were terminated in states like Andhra Pradesh (three trains), Bihar (169 trains), Chhattisgarh (six trains), Himachal Pradesh (one train), Jammu and Kashmir (three trains), Jharkhand (40 trains), Karnataka (one train), Madhya Pradesh (53 trains), Maharashtra (three trains), Manipur (one train), Mizoram (one train), Odisha (38 trains), Rajasthan (eight trains), Tamil Nadu (one train), Telangana (one train), Tripura (one train), Uttar Pradesh (301 trains), Uttarakhand (four trains), West Bengal (seven trains)."Proper screening of passengers is ensured before they board the train. During the journey, passengers are given free meals and water," the statement said. (ANI)