6-screen laptop manufacturer is very much alive — Acme Portable's Megapac L3 is the original hexadisplay mobile powerstation and is still on sale, shame that it is still using old dual CPU tech from AMD and Intel

 Acme Portable Megapac L3.
Acme Portable Megapac L3.

It was hard not to shed a tear when MediaWorkstation disappeared, taking its wild six-screen a-X2P workstation laptop with it.

The company’s workstation laptop promised to be an incredible, and ridiculous, powerhouse, with two AMD EPYC Genoa Zen 4 CPUs, two full-size GPUs, up to 3TB DDR5 RAM, one M.2 NVMe boost SSD, and five storage drives.

But if you still have a yearning to own a laptop with half a dozen screens attached to it, then we have good news.

Choice of screen resolutions

Acme Portable's Megapac L3, the successor to the company’s FlexPAC III, is available to buy and while it only – only! – comes with three 24-inch displays, it can be combined with the company’s ML3 triple display accessory, for a grand total of six screens.

If you're noticing similarities between this system and the discontinued a-X2P beast, it's because MediaWorkstation was once a reseller for Acme Portable and had been looking to push the limits of what could be achieved with the platform.

The Megapac L3’s 3x 23.8-inch displays come in a choice of resolutions - UHD (3840x2160) with up to 800 nits brightness, Full HD (1920x1080) with up to 1000 nits, or WUXGA (1920x1200) with 1000 nits, all featuring an optional touchscreen.

It's powered by a single/dual Intel Xeon, Intel Core, AMD Ryzen or AMD EPYC CPU, with up to 1TB DDR4 RAM and up to 150TB storage. There are seven expansion slots, and it comes with an 850W auto-switching power supply, although there are 1000W or 1200W PSU’s available.

The dimensions for the three screen Megapac L3 are 16.39-inches high, 22.96-inches wide and 11.98-inches deep, with a weight of 52.82 lbs. It  comes with a 105-key keyboard with an integrated touchpad, padded rolling transit case, and can be customized to military specifications.

There’s no pricing available on the website, but if you want the Megapac L3, with three or six screens, you can contact them with your requirements.

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