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RIP Tampons and Pads: Period Panties Are the Best New Alternative

If you're used to relying on disposable menstrual supplies like pads, tampons, and liners for your period, then you can imagine why period panties are such a big deal. Period panties look and feel just like normal underwear, but they have a special layer that helps prevent blood from seeping through.

Beyond leaks, there are also the sustainability and economical aspects to consider. Just think about all the pads and tampons we go through in our lifetime (that end up in a landfill or down the toilet!), and the cost adds up. Ultimately, period panties can be cost-effective as well as a great choice if you want to cut back on waste.

That's why the Good Housekeeping Institute Textiles Lab tested to find the best period panties on the market. We checked the absorbency of several pairs of period panties using red cough syrup (manufacturers use it to test pads and tampons, too!) and also sent some home with real women to get feedback on comfort, leaks, and more.

But there's a catch: In our Lab tests, we found that the panties couldn't absorb the cough syrup as well as disposable pads, so they're best for lighter days or as a backup on heavier days. Still, we were impressed with the performance and how much our testers liked wearing them. We've selected the picks below that were top performers in our tests as well as popular styles with rave reviews from users. Here are the best period panties to buy in 2020: