5 ways a smart mattress can help you sleep better if you suffer from back pain, night sweats or restless legs

 A woman wakes up in bed after a good night's sleep.
A woman wakes up in bed after a good night's sleep.

Smart mattresses are increasing in popularity, thanks to their ability to improve our sleep quality and quantity through integrated technology. Smart beds are a rapidly growing market and while they are expensive, they have the potential to target a variety of sleep issues.

The best mattresses provide a comfortable environment for sleep, but smart beds take things one step further by playing an active role in your nighttime routine. Whether it's massaging your feet (yes, really), identifying sleep issues or controlling your bed's temperature for optimum sleep quality, the benefits of a smart bed are seemingly endless.

However, finding the right one can be tricky and the sheer extent of features available can feel overwhelming. Here, we'll explore the ways common smart bed functions can help you target common sleep issues and achieve better rest.

Smart mattresses are premium products that come at a premium price, but keep an eye out for the Memorial Day mattress sales if you're hoping to save on smart sleep. Scroll to the bottom for our roundup of some of our favorite smart beds.

5 ways a smart bed can help with common sleep issues

1. Track your sleep habits to alleviate insomnia

It isn't always easy to find the cause of your disturbed sleep, which makes it even harder to deal with the problem. The best fitness trackers can sometimes help you learn your sleep patterns, but many smart mattresses are now going one step further, incorporating sleep tracking technology directly into the bed.

An integrated mattress sleep tracker gets a first-hand look at just how you spend your night. It can then record this data to learn your sleep patterns and relay them back to you (generally via an app), helping you understand just what is making you tired. This data is often accompanied by achievable advice on how to take improve your habits for better sleep.

The Eight Sleep Pod
The Eight Sleep Pod

2. Beat night sweats with controlled cooling

The body naturally cools in the evening as you prepare to sleep, which is why we recommend turning the heat down before going to bed. It’s normal to warm up during the night, but if you suffer from the night sweats, you might find your sleep is regularly disturbed by uncomfortable overheating.

Normally, the only way to deal with this is to throw off the sheets and apply something cool to your pulse. However, many of the best smart mattresses feature adjustable temperature controls, allowing you to take a more direct – and more effective – approach to keeping your chill.

Smart mattresses with adjustable temperatures can be heated or cooled during the night to meet your needs. Many of these beds also use sensors to detect the ambient temperature and make automatic adjustments as you sleep, without you having to touch a button.

3. Automatically adjust position to stop snoring

Lying flat can compress the airway, causing noisy and disruptive snoring. Raising your head and neck naturally opens the throat (as does lying on your side) so you can breathe clear and stop snoring.

Adjustable beds are an effective way to raise the head and neck without the awkward support of multiple pillows. Some smart beds can even respond to snoring during the night, gently angling your head upwards when it detects someone sawing logs.

As well as stopping snoring, adjustable positions can be used to limit aches and pains. The zero gravity mattress position is great for this. Zero gravity beds raise the head and feet above the heart and stomach into what's known as a 'neutral' position. This eliminates the impact of gravity, alleviating pressure on the body, to reduce lower back pain

Saatva Solaire smart mattress
Saatva Solaire smart mattress

4. Pick the perfect firmness to reduce back pain

Mattress firmness indicates how the bed will feel, and it's essential to choose firmness that suits your body type and sleep style. That's why we rate every mattress we test on a firmness scale from one to 10, with one indicating quicksand soft and 10 meaning hard as a rock.

The best mattresses for back pain tend to be medium-firm or firm, but this is a subjective choice, and what's dreamy for someone else might leave you aching. Smart mattresses navigate this problem with adjustable firmness levels – simply press a button and air chambers inside the mattress inflate or deflate, making the bed firmer or softer as you require.

In addition, smart mattresses often remember your preferred firmness for each sleep position, automatically changing as you move. Incremental adjustments, but they can make a world of difference to how well you sleep.

A man sits on the edge of the bed holding his neck and back
A man sits on the edge of the bed holding his neck and back

5. In-built massage soothes restless legs

In-built massage technology adds a soothing new dimension to a smart bed and can potentially be used to reduce the disruptive effects of restless leg syndrome (RLS). And who would turn up a quick foot massage before bed?

There is more research needed into the benefits of massage for restless leg syndrome but early studies indicate it can be an effective treatment. For more traditional treatments, consider taking magnesium supplements and getting out of bed during the night if RLS is waking you up.

Before buying any massage mattress for restless leg syndrome, check where the massage function is located. Some mattresses have massage technology at the head of the bed only. Not particularly useful for restless legs (but potentially soothing if stress on anxiety are keeping you up).

3 best smart beds to buy now

1. Eight Sleep Pod 3 smart mattress cover: from $2,095 $2,045 at Eight Sleep
Our favorite smart bed isn’t actually a bed – it’s a mattress cover. The Eight Sleep Pod 3 mattress cover is a (comparatively) affordable smart choice, a cover that simply slips over your current mattress and offers personalized cooling as well as easy sleep tracking. The current $50 off deal from Eight Sleep is relatively standard but we rarely see it bettered.View Deal

2. Sleep Number i8 Smart Bed: from $3,399 $2,549.25 at Sleep Number
Sleep Number is one of the leading brands in smart mattresses and the Sleep Number i8 Smart Bed is an innovative mattress that uses responsive smart tech to adjust firmness and comfort to meet your needs. The current 25% off sale isn't the best we've seen from Sleep Number, but it's still an excellent saving – a queen is just $2,999.25.View Deal

3. Saatva Solaire Adjustable Firmness Mattress: from $3,295 $2,801 at Saatva
Saatva is responsible for one of our all-time favorite mattresses and the Saatva Solaire pairs the high-quality finish we expect from the brand with the best sleep tech. With 50 precise firmness options, the Saatva Solaire is ideal for those who can never find a bed that feels just right. Saatva mattress sales are fairly frequent but we only see big savings around the major holidays – this 15% off sale is pretty good, even if it isn't the best. View Deal