5 Summer Jewelry Trends to Wear Now

They include seashells, ear cuffs, and more.

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The summer season is all about taking layers off. Blouses turn into tank tops, and wide-leg pants are swapped for denim shorts. While it may seem like the scorching temperatures take the fun out of dressing up during the summer, jewelry is there to spice up your sartorial takes. And that’s even more true for summer jewelry trends.

The Spring/Summer 2024 runways were full of bold statement-making jewelry that takes beach days as inspiration, from shell motifs and bold anklets to beaded necklaces. You may be thinking, “Shells? For summer? Groundbreaking,” but, in fact, they are. Take, for example, the oceanic jewelry—including a giant gold lobster necklace paired with a classic black dress—seen on that catwalk of Schiaparelli, or stone shells, which dangled from beaded necklaces, spotted at Ulla Johnson. Then, there are the not-so-literal summer jewelry trends, including dangling ear cuffs, which were seen on the Fendi and Loewe runways.

The oversized and bold silhouettes are evidence that this is not the summer to skimp out on jewelry but rather take a maximalist approach from head to toe. Before you kick off the summer, take a look at the season’s biggest jewelry trends.

Ear Cuffs

<p>Courtesy of Jenny Bird</p>

Courtesy of Jenny Bird

One way to go for an edgier look this summer is to add an ear cuff. Big, bold, and statement-making, these pieces are made for risk-takers. While earring stacks have dominated jewelry trends for years, one-piece ear cuffs gave major main character energy on the Spring/Summer 2024 runways, making them perfect for grab-and-go accessory styling this summer. It may be tempting to go more simple with an ear cuff (given it’s such a stylish statement, to begin with), but the runway reports show that the weirder, the better: Fendi’s take, for example, featured a plethora of linked hoops in one cuff which felt daring and modern opposed to a singular one.




Oceanic motifs were all over the runways this season, from lobsters and fish to corals and waves. However, one easy way to translate this nautical trend into everyday life is through stylish seashells. A longtime staple of summer fashion, shell motifs are often seen on adorning clothing and accessories. But when it comes to jewelry, it’s sometimes hard to tread the line between The Little Mermaid and a fashionable flex. This season, there’s no worry about going full “Part of that World” as seashell-shaped jewelry takes center stage, specifically in cleverly crafted shapes, shiny metals, and larger-than-life scales that look more fashionable than they do fishy.

Bold Anklets



A top Y2K trend, anklets are back to stay (for a while, at least!). The flashy leg accessory is made modern by forgoing the beaded or thread versions of decades past for metal iterations that are more grown-up. That doesn’t make them basic, however: Thick chain anklets and thin vermillion versions with statement-making power are becoming more popular this summer. Strap one on when summer begins, and don’t let go until Labor Day (just make sure they’re water resistant).

Layered Necklaces

<p>Latelier Nawbar</p>

Latelier Nawbar

If you only have one chain around your neck this summer, you’re doing it wrong. The runways showed that a mainstay of summer jewelry will be layered necklaces—and the longer, the better. Right on par with the return of boho chic, the layered necklace trend calls for cascades of chains dangling from your summer outfit. However, if you want to keep it simple, layering thin necklaces over one another is a safer way to channel the trend.

Beaded Necklaces



Colorful beads are this summer’s go-to material. The trend is made for the sartorially adventurous, who want to play with multicolor beads and oversized versions in their jewelry, especially necklaces. For daytime styling, we recommend going for tiny beaded jewelry in vibrant shades (Isabel Marant showed a thin red beaded necklace tied around a model’s neck, for example), while nighttime affairs call for oversized beads in neutral shades for a more eye-catching, elevated look.

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