5 mistakes tourists make in Las Vegas, from a local who was born and raised there

  • Exotic dancer Keila Misdom was born and raised in Las Vegas and has seen the mistakes tourists make.

  • She recommends saving money on shows and attractions and skipping the rental car.

  • Though the Strip has much to offer, Misdom recommends that tourists explore other areas as well.

Las Vegas, Nevada, is a popular tourist destination with so many attractions, bars, and restaurants that it may be hard to know what to avoid.

Keila Misdom, a TikTok influencer and exotic dancer, was born and raised in Las Vegas and has worked as a stripper in the city for eight years. In her time there, she's seen a lot of tourists who didn't make the most of their trip.

Here are mistakes to avoid making in Vegas, according to Misdom.

Not venturing away from the Las Vegas Strip

las vegas strip
las vegas strip

The Bellagio Hotel's nightly water fountain show is seen among the lights of other casinos on the Las Vegas strip.George Rose/Getty Images

The nearly 4-1/2-mile-long Las Vegas Strip is often the first place that tourists head to due to its many hotels, bars, restaurants, and attractions. However, Misdom recommends veering away from the Strip for a portion of the trip.

She said she suggests visitors check out one of the "many fun places to visit in the city" such as Fremont Street, a popular destination for Vegas locals that's known for bar-hopping.

"My favorite place to visit, that tourists should also visit, is Downtown Summerlin shopping center where they have amazing fun bars, restaurants, and plenty of great stores to shop," Misdom said.

Renting a car to get around the city

Misdom advises against going through the hassle of renting a car, as costs can add up fast.

The 24-hour valet parking at hotels like The Mirage can cost around $30 for the day. And though some hotels offer free parking to guests, the price of renting a car and gas can also be very expensive.

Instead, Misdom recommends choosing a hotel that offers shuttle transfers to and from the airport. For visitors who want to do some hotel hopping, the free Aria Express Tram runs between the Park MGM, Aria, and Bellagio Hotels.

Misdom also said the Las Vegas Monorail is a great option for easily getting around the Strip. Trains typically run every four to eight minutes, so visitors will usually not wait long.

For getting around at night, tourists can take advantage of easily accessible rideshares, taxis, and Ubers.

Buying full-price tickets for a show

From artist residencies to the iconic Cirque du Soleil performances, there are plenty of shows to see in Las Vegas.

Instead of paying the full vendor price, Misdom recommends visiting one of the Tix4Tonight booths around the city. If you can be flexible with your schedule, it may be possible to snap up some last-minute day-of tickets for cheap.

Booths are located in the Showcase Mall, Casino Royale, Grand Bazaar Shops, and Circus Circus.

Believing that the best views come from the High Roller

high roller las vegas
high roller las vegas

The High Roller Ferris wheel offers some great views but has a 30-minute time limit.Kobby Dagan/Shutterstock

If you want to see the spectacular views of the Las Vegas Strip, your first thought may be to ride the High Roller observation wheel at The LINQ Hotel. It's a 30-minute ride that costs adults about $35 to go on at night.

For views that are just as good, and if not better, Misdom recommends heading to one of her favorite spots, the Legacy Club on Fremont Street. Here, patrons can order drinks and admire the sweeping views of Las Vegas without a 30-minute time restriction.

Not planning how to save money in advance 

"Don't spend all your money all in one day," Misdom said. "Vegas is a costly place to visit, so make sure to plan out your day on things you want to do while you're visiting."

For those who want to get buzzed before visiting the parties and clubs in the city, Misdom recommends having a few drinks before you leave your hotel "because alcohol is costly everywhere you go, especially on the Strip."

Tourists who plan on heading to a strip club should also get cash at their bank, Misdom said, because the ATM at her club and many others charge a 20% service fee.

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