'Rules of the Game', 'Toast of Tinseltown': The 5 best things on TV tonight, Tuesday 11 January

Drama and comedy feature in Tuesday's TV highlights. (The Forge/Objective Fiction)
Drama and comedy feature in Tuesday's TV highlights. (The Forge/Objective Fiction)

Toxic workplace culture and suspicious deaths feature in BBC One's new drama series, Rules of the Game, starring Maxine Peake.

Crime documentary The Hunt for Bible John concludes on BBC Two with a look at how Scottish police caught the serial killer, while at the cosier end of the documentary scale, ITV's new show The Secret Life of Our Pets shows how humans and animals can talk to each other.

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Acclaimed sitcom Toast is in Hollywood for latest series Toast of Tinseltown for BBC Two, and Davina McCall is back on the hunt for perfect matches in Channel 4 dating show The Language of Love.

The best things to watch on TV tonight, Tuesday 11 January, 2022

Rules of the Game - BBC One - 9pm

WARNING: Embargoed for publication until 00:00:01 on 04/01/2022 - Programme Name: Rules of the Game - TX: n/a - Episode: Rules of the Game - Ep2 (No. 2) - Picture Shows:  Owen (BEN BATT), Sam (MAXINE PEAKE) - (C) The Forge - Photographer: Matt Squire
Maxine Peake and Ben Batt star in 'Rules of the Game'. (The Forge/Matt Squire)

Maxine Peake stars in a new drama series starting tonight which sees her as the COO of a sports company whose toxic culture is thrust under the spotlight when a suspicious staff death resurfaces.

Peake's character Sam immediately falls out with new HR director Maya, but things are set to get a lot more complicated when they both begin asking the same questions about the death of a young female employee after a company party 10 years ago.

When the company is rocked by another death, Sam is forced to delve into the boys' club environment she has been overseeing.

The Hunt for Bible John - BBC Two - 9pm

In the second and final part of this documentary about 1960s serial killer Bible John, a journalist who covered the case at the time recalls the groundbreaking investigation in Glasgow.

Bible John stalked dance clubs in the city, picking off young women as his victims and was nicknamed after the only witness to have seen him said he had been preaching from scripture.

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The documentary captures the terror of the time for women living in Glasgow, and shows how the Scottish police used photofit identification for the first time.

The Secret Life of Our Pets - ITV - 8pm

From Oxford Scientific Films

Ep1 Communications
Tuesday 11th January 2021 on ITV 

Pictured A Ginger Cat sits on a Robot Vacuum Cleaner as a family eat at a table in the background

Owners everywhere have an instinctive urge to communicate with their beloved pets, but the holy grail is to truly understand what they are saying to us and discovering what they think and how they feel. Now, with the help of brand new science we discover how every animal has their own unique way of expressing themselves, and the incredible new technology thatÕs helping us to understand them. From the dog communicating with his owner using a system of buttons, to the parrots fooling Alexa into adding their favourite treats to the weekly shop, the rats constantly chatting away just above our hearing range, the guinea pigs born communicating, the rabbit helping an autistic child and the sniffer dog communicating with his owner to help to save the last Northern white Rhino on earth. We explore the extraordinary science behind interspecies communication.

(C) Oxford Scientific Films 

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Find out how your pet speaks to you. (Oxford Scientific Films)

Any proud pet owner will tell you they can communicate with their dog, cat or hamster as if the animal was human.

This new series full of heartwarming scenes looks at the fascinating stories of our pets' lives and in the first episode features the unique communication between pets and owners.

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Watch out for the canny parrot who works out how to ask Alexa to add its favourite treat, strawberries, to the family shopping list.

Toast of Tinseltown - BBC Two - 10pm

WARNING: Embargoed for publication until 00:00:01 on 23/12/2021 - Programme Name: Toast of Tinseltown - TX: n/a - Episode: Toast of Tinseltown - ep 5 (No. 5) - Picture Shows: ***STRICTLY EMBARGOED UNTIL 00:00:01 THURSDAY 23rd DECEMBER 2021*** Steven Toast (MATT BERRY), Barney (AIDEN TURNER) - (C) Objective Fiction - Photographer: Ben Meadows
Matt Berry's sitcom heads to Hollywood. (Objective Fiction/Ben Meadows)

Matt Berry's comedy about thespian Steven Toast struggling to navigate his career in the fickle world of showbusiness heads to LA for this new series.

In tonight's second episode of the series, he arrives in Hollywood and hits the ground running with auditions - but a David Bowie-themed party sees him attacked by a man in an Ashes to Ashes costume.

The Language of Love - Channel 4 - 10pm

Language Of Love Ch4 with Davina McCall & Ricky Merino..
Davina McCall hosts the dating show. (ITV)

Her Streetmate days might be in the dim and distant past of dating TV, but Davina McCall is back to searching for perfect matches and even a language barrier can't stand in her way.

The premise of the show is that British and Spanish singles should be able to connect even without being able to understand each other - but in reality, it leads to miscommunications, tears and in tonight's episode, an anger-inducing revelation.

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