7 best movies to stream this week on Netflix, Max, Hulu and more

 Michael Fassbender in The Killer.
Michael Fassbender in The Killer.

It's the start of a fresh week, but you can chase away those Monday Blues with a quality movie on one of the best streaming services. And, thankfully, Netflix, Max, Hulu and other top streamers have a bunch of new movies to add to your watch list.

Our top picks for this week are led by David Fincher's latest thriller, The Killer, which sees Michael Fassbender as a meticulous hitman taking on his employers after a job goes wrong. Meanwhile, over on Hulu, Charlie Day of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia fame makes his directorial debut with Fool's Paradise, a satire that pokes fun at the craziness of Hollywood with cameos from many of Day's famous friends.

If you want even more laughs, HBO has a documentary on legendary comedian Albert Brooks that chronicles his career from stand-up and Saturday Night Live to Lost in America and Modern Romance. And Netflix has a family-friendly feature with a rare 99% rating on Rotten Tomatoes. So without further ado, here's our guide to what movies to stream this week.

The Killer (Netflix)

David Fincher, the creative force behind Fight Club, Gone Girl and Seven, returns to the director's chair for the first time since 2020’s Mank with his latest thriller: The Killer.

Based on Alexis Nolent and Luc Jacamon's graphic novel of the same name, Michael Fassbender plays the titular assassin who finds himself at the center of an international manhunt following a botched hit job. He soon learns that missing his mark comes with consequences when he discovers his girlfriend (played by Sophie Charlotte) was attacked to satisfy his spurned client, which sends him on a bloodthirsty quest for revenge.

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Fool’s Paradise (Hulu)

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia showrunner Charlie Day makes his directorial debut with Fool's Paradise, a showbiz satire stacked with all-star cameos and cast members. A mute mental health patient (Day) is dumped by his doctors in downtown Los Angeles and catches the eye of a down-on-his-luck publicist (the late Ray Liotta) who has his hands full with a nightmare star client.

Performing under the name Latte Pronto, he shoots to stardom without ever speaking a word. Along the way, his Hollywood misadventures are joined by a colorful cast of characters, including a frenetic publicist (Ken Jeong), a shark of an agent (Edie Falco), and his new high-maintenance movie star wife (Kate Beckinsale).

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Misery (Max)

One of the top Stephen King adaptations of all time recently landed on Max. Starring James Caan as novelist Paul Sheldon, Misery is a gripping thriller that will have you on the edge of your seat as Sheldon tries to escape the terrifying obsession of his biggest fan — Annie Wilkes, played by the incredible Kathy Bates.

After Sheldon crashes his car in the mountains during a blizzard, he awakens to find himself held captive by Wilkes, who demands he rewrite the disappointing finale to the last book in his series. Bates' unhinged performance was so good that she scared the Academy into giving her the Oscar for Best Actress, which is no easy feat for a horror performance.

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Albert Brooks: Defending My Life (HBO)

Albert Brooks has been a major force in American comedy for decades, from his stand-up routines to his work on Saturday Night Live and feature-length comedies. With testimonials from comedians, friends, family, and Brooks himself, Albert Brooks: Defending My Life is a living retrospective of Brooks' career that serves as a trip down memory lane for those familiar with Brooks' works, and a resplendent introduction for those who aren't.

This documentary chronicles Brooks' career from his very early work to the present day, showcasing how his absurdist, highly intelligent humor has been on display in stand-up and films, including Modern Romance and Lost in America. His friend, collaborator and fellow comedy icon Rob Reiner sits down with Brooks to discuss the impetus for his creativity and the impact he's had on pop culture.

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Resident Evil: Death Island (Netflix)

While the Resident Evil series doesn't have the best track record when it comes to movie adaptations, Resident Evil: Death Island sees the return of enough familiar faces to be an entertaining ride.

A new T-Virus strain has left San Francisco overrun with zombies. Bizarre clues lead Agent Chris Redfield and a team of familiar faces, including Jill Valentine, Rebecca Chambers, and Leon Kennedy, to Alcatraz Island to confront a mysterious threat. There, a new evil has taken residence and awaits their arrival.

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Sorry to Bother You (Prime Video)

Boots Riley's directorial debut blends sharp cultural critique with surrealism. LaKeith Stanfield (Knives Out, Haunted Mansion) stars as Cassius "Cash" Green, a struggling telemarketer in Oakland who stumbles upon a key to corporate success: codeswitching to his "white" voice while on calls.

As his career begins to take off, Cash falls under the spell of Steve Lift (Armie Hammer), a cocaine-snorting CEO who offers him a salary beyond his wildest dreams. But climbing the corporate ladder comes with the baggage of confronting the ethical dilemmas associated with his newfound power. Sorry to Bother You is as funny and thought-provoking as it is bizarre. Expect to come out of this one with more questions than answers, but that's precisely what makes this one movie not to miss.

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Paddington 2 (Max)

When the first Paddington movie came out in 2014, Ben Whishaw’s portrayal of the marmalade-loving bear was an instant success. So it was no surprise when in 2017, a sequel was released to the clamoring masses. But what was a surprise was that Paddington 2 was even better than the original. It’s not only one of the best sequels ever made, but some would argue it's even one of the best movies ever made. It even gets a shoutout in the Nicolas Cage film The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent when Pedro Pascal’s character declares it his third favorite movie of all time.

Starring Hugh Bonneville, Sally Hawkins and Hugh Grant amongst many other talented actors, there’s really nothing negative about the movie. A talented cast, an excellent star performance and a heartwarming story — what’s not to like? Paddington 2 is a must-watch on Max this month.

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