7 best movies to stream this weekend on Netflix, Max, Peacock and more

 (L to R) Melissa McCarthy as Donna Stankowski, Jerry Seinfeld (Director) as Bob Cabana and Jim Gaffigan as Edsel Kellogg III in Unfrosted: The Pop-Tart Story. .
(L to R) Melissa McCarthy as Donna Stankowski, Jerry Seinfeld (Director) as Bob Cabana and Jim Gaffigan as Edsel Kellogg III in Unfrosted: The Pop-Tart Story. .

A new month means more new movies premiering on Netflix, Max, and more of the best streaming services. But with so many titles on offer, figuring out what to watch becomes a headache in and of itself.

So let us here at Tom's Guide do the work for you. We've rounded up all of the hits and none of the duds to make your next movie night one to remember. Netflix has a new Jerry Seinfeld-led comedy called "Unfrosted" about the less-than-true story of how Pop-Tarts changed breakfast forever. There's also the “The Idea of You” on Prime Video. Anne Hatheway stars in this boyband rom-com as a single mother who enters a whirlwind romance with an international pop star half her age.

So without further ado, here's our round-up of the best new movies to hit streaming services this week. For even more recommendations on what to watch, be sure to check out our guide to the best new TV shows you can watch this week.

‘Unfrosted’ (Netflix)

"What's the deal with Pop-Tarts?" sounds like a question that Jerry Seinfeld would ask in his stand-up. The comedy legend makes his directorial debut on Netflix this month with "Unfrosted," a star-studded comedy telling the fictional origin story of America's favorite breakfast pastry, the Pop-Tart. Fun fact: "Unfrosted" is from the same lunatic writing team behind "Bee Movie," so it promises to be memorable if nothing else.

Back in the '60s, two breakfast behemoths, Kellogg's and Post, were locked in a fierce battle for morning meal dominance, each racing to be the first to create the perfect grab-and-go morning treat. Kellogg’s employee Bob Cabana (Seinfeld) creates a secret weapon that could turn the tide and change breakfast forever. He stars alongside a team of top comedic talent including Melissa McCarthy, Amy Schumer, Jim Gaffigan, Bill Burr, Peter Dinklage, Max Greenfield and Hugh Grant.

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‘Turtles All the Way Down’ (Max)

John Green's best-selling novel "Turtles All the Way Down" is the latest young adult novel to get the movie adaptation treatment. Directed by Hannah Marks, the film follows Aza Holmes (Isabela Merced), a teenager struggling with obsessive-compulsive disorder and trying to deal with the everyday dramas of high school without letting her intrusive thoughts and crippling fears rule her life. Her best friend Daisy (Cree Cicchino), love interest Davis (Felix Mallard), and supportive mother (Judy Reyes) are also along for the ride.

As if navigating the rollercoaster of adolescence wasn't hard enough, Aza also gets wrapped up in pursuing a fugitive local billionaire who goes missing in the wake of a criminal investigation. Fans of Green's other works like “The Fault in Our Stars” and “Paper Towns” will definitely want to check out this one.

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‘The Idea of You’ (Prime Video)

Who doesn't love a good romcom? "The Idea of You" lands on Prime Video this week after an impressive debut at South by Southwest earlier this year. It's already certified fresh, sitting pretty at a 90% critics score on Rotten Tomatoes.

Adapted from Robinne Lee's hit novel, this boyband rom-com stars Anne Hathaway as Solène, a 40-year-old single mom who takes her daughter to Coachella and stumbles into a whirlwind romance. At the festival, she runs into Hayes Campbell (Nicholas Galitzine), the twentysomething lead singer of August Moon, the world’s most popular boyband. The chemistry is immediate, and though each belongs to a different world, the two strike up a budding romance. As things heat up, Solène finds it challenging to navigate the red-carpet life while public pressures present new hurdles for their relationship.

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'The American Society of Magical Negroes' (Peacock)

“The American Society of Magical Negroes” may have bombed at the box office when it landed in theaters in March, but hopefully its arrival on Peacock this week could give this satirical fantasy comedy a second life.

The eponymous society is a clandestine group of Black people with magical powers committed to reducing the stress of white people to ultimately safeguard the Black community. Their latest recruit Aren, played by Justice Smith of "Pokémon Detective Pikachu" and "Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves," is a failed artist who's initially thrilled to learn he possesses supernatural powers. However, when the society secures him a job at a major social media platform, he grows disillusioned after he realizes he's a diversity hire and begins to fight back against the flaws in the system. The fantasy film also features David Alan Grier as Aren’s mentor, Roger.

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‘Stop Making Sense’ (Max)

The 4K restoration of one of the greatest concert movies of all time hit theaters last fall and now comes to streaming. The 1984 film was directed by Jonathan Demme and shot over four nights at Hollywood’s Pantages Theatre during the Talking Heads tour for the album “Speaking in Tongues.” The concert begins with frontman David Byrne on stage by himself, then proceeds with the arrivals of bassist Tina Weymouth, drummer Chris Frantz, keyboardist/guitarist Jerry Harrison and other contributors. The performances include the band’s early single "Psycho Killer" (1977) and their most recent hit at the time, “Burning Down the House” (1983).

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'The Edge of Seventeen' (Netflix)

Let’s face it, being a teenager sucks, and “The Edge of Seventeen” doesn’t shy away from accurately portraying such an awkward period of adolescence. If you experienced a tumultuous teenhood, you just might find this coming-of-age comedy almost uncomfortably relatable. Don’t be surprised watching this movie brings back a few unwanted memories from your youth. The type that makes your skin crawl with recalled social embarrassment.

But don’t be scared away by the cringe factor, as it’s still a wonderfully enjoyable comedy. Hailee Steinfeld plays Nadine, a socially awkward teen with a fractured family life, her closest ally is her best friend, Krista (Haley Lu Richardson), but things take a dramatic turn when Krista starts dating Nadine’s fratty brother, Darian (Blake Jenner). At least her sarcastic high school teacher, Mr. Bruner (Woody Harrelson), is on hand to offer questionable guidance.

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'Fantastic Mr. Fox' (Disney Plus)

With the endlessly creative vision of Wes Anderson, "Fantastic Mr. Fox" is a quirky delight for both kids and adults. The film, which is based on the children's novel by Roald Dahl of the same name, uses a stop-motion animated art style from the same crew that animated Tim Burton's "Corpse Bride" to craft a cozy and autumnal atmosphere that, if nothing else, is worth rewatching for the vibes.

George Clooney stars as Mr. Fox, an enterprising fox who makes a career out of filching food from three local farmers. It’s like stealing candy from a baby — that is, until the farmers retaliate, and Mr. Fox and his friends are forced to up their game, concocting a plan to burrow into each of their respective warehouses.

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