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6 Best Drugstore Face Washes That Will Leave Your Skin *Glowing*

Trying to pick a cleanser from the rows and rows of options at the drugstore can be kinda overwhelming. There are so many acne face washes to choose from and they all claim to be the best for fighting breakouts. So how can you find the best face wash for your skin – and one that will actually work?

The key is patience — don’t pick up a new cleanser and expect to see dramatic results right away. While you may be able to treat a single pimple overnight, it can take weeks before you really see a difference across your whole face. The key: "It’s about trying different brands with different strengths and giving it sufficient time to work," says Anna Avaliani, MD, a cosmetic and laser skin care specialist in NYC.

When you’re test-driving a new cleanser, give it a few weeks (four to six, preferably) to see how well it works with your skin. If you’re still not wowed by the formula, then go ahead and thank u, next that bottle like you're Ariana Grande.

Keep in mind, though, that even the best drugstore face washes aren’t guaranteed to work for everyone. If your acne is severe and nothing seems to work, hit up a dermatologist. They can help you find a treatment option that works for you. It's literally what they're there for.

But before you do that, you need to find a good cleanser to start with – and we've got the best right here. Dermatologists spilled that skincare tea on their favorite drugstore face washes for every skin type. Ready to find your new acne-fighting weapon of choice? Just read on.