49 days later, hordes of joggers hit Spain

Massive crowds of joggers, cyclists, and just people out for fresh air have hit across Spain, now that its government has finally allowed citizens to take some exercise out doors.

It's been 49 days.

It hasn't all gone smoothly. Local authorities are still trying to keep social distancing in place, and prevent people from congregating in some areas for safety, such as parks, although not everyone is obeying.

The government has also implemented a rotational system, where people are allowed outdoors in shifts according to their age.

Businesses that operate by appointment, such as salons and beauty parlours, will be allowed to open on Monday (May 4).

Restaurants will remain closed for at least another week.

It comes just a day after these scenes of jubilation in Madrid, as the last patients were discharged from one the country's massive pop-up hospitals.