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42 Famous Songs and the True Stories Behind Them

Some of the most iconic songs of all time came about because of what artists or bands were experiencing at the time. Relationships, breakups, marriage, divorce, friendships, families, betrayals, mental health struggles, and parenthood are just a few of the life experiences that have inspired some of the most famous songs. Musicians from Johnny Cash to Taylor Swift to Beyoncé have taken the challenges in their lives and created music that speaks to millions of people.

These pop, rock, and country songs have some seriously interesting stories behind them. Several of these famous hits are actually written about other celebrities, including Ellie Goulding, Jay-Z, Christie Brinkley, Chrissy Teigen, John Mayer, and others. A few of these songs are actually a part of major pop culture or music feuds (like Katy Perry and Taylor Swift's now-resolved feud), while others have amusing or uplifting backstories. Keep reading to learn the whole story behind some of your favorite tunes.