40,000 COVID-19 vaccines could be wasted as truck found mysteriously abandoned on roadside in India

This video features a truck loaded with COVID-19 vaccines lying abandoned on the roadside in broad daylight, in the city of Kareli, in the Indian state of Madhya Pradesh, on April 30. The police discovered that the lorry was carrying 40,000 doses of coronavirus vaccine "Covaxin" by Bharat Biotech, stored in 364 big boxes. They are worth approximately 1,079,688 dollars (Rs. 8 crores). The lorry was abandoned for at least 12 hours before the police arrived. The air conditioning was still on. The officers contacted the company which owns the lorry, the Transport Corporation of India (TCI) Cold Chain Solutions, and managed to identify the missing driver. 22-year-old Vikas Mishra, who hailed from Amethi in Uttar Pradesh, was found lying in the bushes on the four-lane side of the Narsinghpur bypass, which is 15 km away. The truck was supposed to go to Karnal from Hyderabad. Transport Corporation of India (TCI) Cold Chain Solutions has sent another driver to Nagpur but unfortunately, it would take him around 12 hours to reach the location. If the air-conditioning of the lorry stops, the coronavirus vaccines could be wasted.