4 Olympic Athletes On Their Game-Day Makeup Routines

From glitter to the setting spray that locks in their look.

<p>CULT and Milani Cosmetics</p> Chiaka Ogbogu for Milani.

CULT and Milani Cosmetics

Chiaka Ogbogu for Milani.

While many individuals incorporate makeup into their look as a tool of confidence and self-expression in the workplace, for athletes, it can feel a bit counterintuitive. Not only do you have to worry about sweating off your look, but you may fear it detracts from your professionalism as an athlete—especially if you're in a male-dominated sport.

For Olympic volleyball player Chiaka Ogbugu, gymnast Jordan Chiles, weightlifter Mattie Rogers, and basketball player Sabrina Ionescu, the choice to compete in makeup goes far beyond vanity—it's a power move.

"Female athletes are multifaceted, meaning we all have interests and hobbies [outside of our sport]," says Ogbugu, pictured above. "Makeup and skin care are things I have a lot of fun learning about and practicing."

<p>CULT and Milani Cosmetics</p> Jordan Chiles for Milani.

CULT and Milani Cosmetics

Jordan Chiles for Milani.

In this spirit, Ogbugu and the other aforementioned athletes are partnering with Milani Cosmetics on a new campaign: “Face Set. Mind Set.” It celebrates how setting your makeup for a one-and-done look with Milani’s Make It Last Setting Spray can help boost your confidence and keep you focused on whatever’s ahead.

Ahead of the 2024 Paris Olympic Games, InStyle chatted with these athletes to learn about their relationship with makeup, their game-day essentials, and more.

What role has makeup played throughout your life?

CO: It’s funny because when I was a kid, I had no desire to wear makeup; I was a definite tomboy. But once I got to middle school, it was all about sneaking into my mom’s makeup drawer to put whatever I found on my face. As I’ve gotten older it has evolved from something to hide imperfections or marks on my face into something I can have fun and be creative with.

JC:  Initially, I wasn't big on makeup because I spent most of my time in the gym. But as I grew older, I began watching tutorials and getting tips from my sister, Jazz, who is also my hair and makeup artist. Now, I love makeup and have fun experimenting and being creative with different looks.

MR: I used to feel slightly out of place in the more masculine sport of weightlifting in competition, but the more I found my own style and more things that made me feel like me—the extra effort of makeup, glitter, cute hair, all of it made me feel more confident and more powerful.

SI: My relationship with makeup has evolved over time as I’ve learned a healthy skin-care routine and found myself dressing up more, especially for events.  While it's evolved, my makeup is still representative of who I am and I believe it’s important to stay true to yourself.

<p>CULT and Milani Cosmetics</p> Sabrina Ionescu for Milani.

CULT and Milani Cosmetics

Sabrina Ionescu for Milani.

Have you always embraced makeup as an athlete?

CO: I haven’t always liked wearing makeup while I played. I used to think it got in the way or just got messy, but that was before I knew how to set my face with setting spray or powder.

JC:  I've never been one to wear makeup during workouts, but I love putting it on for competitions. It's part of my pre-competition ritual, helping me feel confident and ready to slay. I always coordinate my makeup with my leotard because when you look good, you feel good!

MR: I have! I competed in cheerleading at the age you start to discover makeup (teenage years), and it was part of our uniform in competition. So I had to wear it and learn how to do it for those purposes—when I otherwise may not have since I spent the majority of my time sweating in sports practices.

SI: I haven’t liked wearing makeup while doing sports since I sweat so much, especially during games. My game-day beauty routine is really focused on washing and moisturizing and using products that have staying power throughout the day.

What is your game-day makeup look?

CO: I keep it fairly simple for the most part. My base is the most important part of my routine, and I love to lock that in with my Milani Make it Last Setting Spray. After that, I am pretty heavy-handed with my blush—I love the way a nice rosy blush looks on my skin, so I do not hold back there. Then, depending on my mood that day, I’ll finish with a sharp winged liner and top my lashes off with a coat of mascara.

JC:  It all depends on what I am wearing. For example, if my leotard is a huge statement piece with a ton of bling, I opt for a more subtle look. If my leotard is a little more understated, I go all out with my makeup.

MR: I love wearing sparkle and glitter on game day. In daily life, I love the way light reflects off of things, so I always think about the spotlights on stage reflecting off of whatever version of sparkle I have on that day. I always wear a rhinestone scrunchy, always have rhinestones in my hair, and my makeup rotates between varying hints of purple and sweat-proof sparkle depending on the day.

SI: My game-day makeup is just the bare minimum versus my everyday look, which is still natural but a little more punched up.

<p>CULT and Milani Cosmetics</p> Mattie Rogers for Milani.

CULT and Milani Cosmetics

Mattie Rogers for Milani.

How has incorporating the Milani Make it Last Setting Spray into your routine impacted the longevity of your game-day makeup?

CO: It’s so vital to have a setting spray involved with my routine. Otherwise the makeup is going to end up all over my jersey and it will be a mess. Implementing a setting spray has taken away the fears of my makeup looking disheveled. I can fully focus on my match, knowing my makeup is in place.

JC:  Incorporating the setting spray into my routine has been a game-changer. It ensures my makeup lasts through warm-ups, pre-competition training, and the actual event, which can last for hours. I would look a mess at go-time if it weren’t for the Milani Make It Last Setting Spray.

MR: Since not touching up my makeup or thinking about what it's looking like throughout a competition is an absolute must for me, the Make it Last Setting Spray helps so much. It is exactly what I need so I can focus on doing my job on stage.

SI: I don’t like to fuss too much with my makeup and really rely on my products to last after application. The setting spray has held my makeup throughout a long day, and I worry so much less about sweating anything off.

<p>CULT and Milani Cosmetics</p> Chiaka Ogbogu for Milani.

CULT and Milani Cosmetics

Chiaka Ogbogu for Milani.

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