The 4 Foods That Will Prevent Pests From Entering Your Home This Summer

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lzvcjuraj / 500px via Getty Images

It is finally looking like the summer gods are smiling down upon us and there are some gorgeous sunny days on the horizon.

This means beaches, it means pub gardens and it means, uh, more pests in the home. No good summer day goes unpunished, I guess.

Thankfully, there are solutions to keeping them at bay and most of them can already be found in your kitchen,

We spoke with Food Expert Matt Webster from Seasoned Pioneers to learn about which foods can help prevent bugs from making themselves comfortable in your home this summer.

The four foods which prevent bugs from entering the home

Mint leaves for deterring wasps, mosquitoes, hornets, moths & cockroaches

Webster said: “Whilst it tastes great in a mojito, mint is also a natural deterrent for wasps, mosquitoes, flies, hornets, moths, ants, and cockroaches!

“These insects have a strong sense of smell and are often confused by any strong smelling foods or plants.”

The expert recommends that you place a pot of mint around the home or the area that you’re sitting in, to deter any unwanted visitors - the mint will help to keep these pests away from the area.

He added that peppermint oil can also be used to the same effect too!

Black pepper for deterring ants

Webster advised that sprinkling black pepper on work surfaces, door entrances and between floor boards will keep ants at bay.

He added: “Mixed with a little flour and sprinkled around garden plants, black pepper will see all the bugs, previously munching away, disappear overnight.”

Lemon and cloves for deterring flies

If flies have already started invading your home, Webster recommends combining lemon and cloves.

Webster said: “Flies hate the smell of cloves and the addition of lemon enhances this effect, so when combined together they make the best natural repellent for keeping them away.

“Simply cut a lemon in half and insert the cloves into the flesh, then place them around the garden or in the home. This duo will keep the flies away, whilst also giving a lovely aroma to the surroundings too!”

Rosemary for repelling midges and gnats

Webster said: “Not only is rosemary good for savoury and sweet dishes, but it is also a great natural repellent for keeping midges, gnats and mosquitos away! Its intense fragrance is enough to deter any of these summer pests away.”

He recommends adding rosemary to boiling water, straining the water into a spray bottle and spraying any areas around the garden that you want the pests to avoid.

Very simple!