3x3 basketball making its debut at the Tokyo Olympics

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TOKYO (AP) — WHAT’S NEW: Everything. The Olympics website calls this version of hoops “exciting, urban and innovative.” It was added to the program for Tokyo to lure a younger audience and get more countries involved in one of the core sports of the games. In one way, that has worked. Mongolia will field a women's team. The United States did not qualify for the men's tournament.

TOKYO EXPECTATIONS: Fast-paced fun for those who don't have the stamina to watch an entire, full-court game. Held on an outdoor half-court under a dome-like covering, teams will play to 21, or for 10 minutes, whichever comes first. Buckets are worth one point inside and two from outside the line. Let's hoop!

ATHLETES TO WATCH: The international basketball federation, FIBA, ranks 3x3 players. Top on the men's list is 35-year-old Dušan Domocivć-Bulut of Serbia. Laetitia Guapo of France is the top-ranked woman.

GOLD MEDAL MOMENT(S): Gold and bronze medal games are July 28.

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