36 Vacation Instagram Captions That’ll Make You Look Like a Travel Influencer

Ahad Sanwari
Photo credit: Khadija Horton

From Cosmopolitan

I get it, you’re on vacation. Good for you. While I am genuinely happy for ya (mean it!), I’m here to tell you that your gorgeous European (or South African or Icelandic or whatever) travel pics could be so much less annoying more enticing if they were accompanied by a bomb-ass caption.

But you knew this, right? That’s why we’re here together discussing vacation captions! You probably know that the world is over #TakeMeBack and “I live here now” and, of course, “Never leaving.” So what’s a gal with killer vacation pics to do?

Don’t panic, frands! I thought way ahead and planned out all the perfect Insta captions for you that give off all those good #VacayVibes. We’re here for you with all the wit, humor, and realness that everyone is gonna love (find me on Venmo, kthxbye). Check out our list, copy, paste, and repeat—we won’t judge.

Love snaps

  1. Summer lovin’, had me a blast!
  2. Burnin’ in our lovin’ oven.
  3. Feel the heat!
  4. Romance is hard. Summer good, summer bad.
  5. When I met you in the summer….

Glimpses from the beach

  2. Don’t mind me, I’m just chasing the sun.
  3. [insert state name here] gurls, we’re unforgettable!
  4. Sea all this beauty.
  5. All I wanna do is have some sun.
  6. I’m walking on sunshine!
  7. Tans, tans, tans across the board.

Scenes from lazy days

  1. “Poolside Musings,” available at a library near you.
  2. Confessions of a summer-aholic.
  3. Come for the zzz’s, stay for the zzz’s.
  4. We’re pool for the summer.
  5. To-do list: nothing.

The foods and dranks

  1. I scream for ice cream!
  2. Not enough, I want s’more!
  3. (Gimme that) ice, ice baby.
  4. One in a melon.
  5. You are cordially invited to a union between me and this piña colada.
  6. 99 bottles of tequila on the wall.

All that scenery

  1. I’m sorry, why is the world this beautiful?
  3. Leave me a message because I’ll be trippin’!
  4. Say “kay” to that vacay!
  5. Thanks for being jealous.

Tropical vibes

  1. This heat’s a beach!
  2. Throw me some shade.
  3. XOXO, A/C.
  4. Eat, drink, and be sweaty.

Shots with the gang

  1. You can’t chill with us.
  2. Shining brighter than that sun.
  3. Hot gang summer.
  4. So lit, your campfire is quaking.

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