35,000 people protest in Austria against far-right

Up to 35,000 people gathered on Friday evening in front of the Austrian parliament to protest against right-wing extremism.

Protesters held up signs showing slogans like “never again is now” and “stop the hate against migrants.”

The protest comes in the wake of similar protests in Germany following a news report that right-wing extremists recently met to discuss the deportation of millions of immigrants.

Speakers on a stage in front of parliament accused the Austrian Freedom Party of supporting such plans and warned of a “repeat of history”.

“What happened in Potsdam challenges all of us to act. We must and we will defend our democracy against all extremists.” actress Katharina Stemberger said.

NGOs Black Voices Austria, Fridays for Future and the Platform for a Human Asylum Policy had organized the rally in Vienna.

Similar protests took place in other cities throughout Austria.