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Grilled Chicken With Smoky Corn Salad Is Our New Favorite Warm-Weather Meal

Chicken is an all-around mealtime hero. It's great for weeknight dinners in the fall and fresh spring feasts, but these easy summer chicken recipes celebrate so many things we love about the warm weather. We rounded up our best creative chicken dinners, fast and flavorful lunches, and all the chicken appetizers you’ll ever need. The juicy meat craves something colorful, so we included dozens of great summer chicken and vegetable recipes and summer chicken salad recipes that offer complete meals without keeping you cooped up in the kitchen.

Chicken breast is a versatile option to stock up on, but we also love drumsticks, thighs, and chicken wings galore. Level up your basic chicken breast by stuffing it with spinach and Parmesan, or throw game day favorite wings on the grill to add smoky flavor. Pair any cut of the poultry with fresh summer fruits and veggies like charred corn, marinated tomatoes, or juicy plums for a truly stunning summer meal. Or if you really don’t feel like cooking, we’ve got options that start with the most reliable of weeknight proteins: a good ol' rotisserie chicken.

Quick tip: buy an extra pack of chicken next time you’re at the grocery store and keep it in the freezer. With so many summery ways to use it, you’ll always want to have some on hand. And if you don’t know the best way to defrost, we’ve got you covered with these easy methods for defrosting chicken.