$300,000 In Stolen Magic: The Gathering Cards Returned

Two people play Magic: The Gathering.
Two people play Magic: The Gathering.

Shortly before the public opening of this 2023’s annual board game convention, Gen Con, around $300,000 worth of Magic: The Gathering cards were reported stolen. Caught on security camera at the Indiana Convention Center in downtown Indianapolis, two suspects were seen carting out a large pallet of cardboard boxes stashed with various sets of Magic cards, each worth as much as $400 dollars, with rare and legendary cards in each set potentially multiplying the value.

The cards were taken from the floor of the Indiana Convention Center and were brought to a parking garage where they were stashed before ending up in New York City, where they have since been recovered.

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Spotted by Dicebreaker, the game’s rating on Board Game Geek has taken a sharp turn for the worse as users piled in to give the game a one, and leave comments such as “The game is just full of Magic. Selling cheap Gen Con, what a steal;” “went to Gen con to become a con;” “ironically, no Thief class;” “*insert thief insult here*;” and one that references the security footage in which one of the suspects can be seen wearing a Castle Assault shirt: “I hear they have cool shirts at least.”

On August 17, the Indiana Metropolitan Police Department posted an update stating that they were no longer looking for Dunbar and Giaume.

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