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30 Perfect Songs to Kick Off Your Pride Dance Party

This month marks the 50th anniversary of the first Pride march. This weekend, New York City and numerous others will come alive with Pride parades, marches, dance parties, and queer bars teeming with glitter-clad folks. But this year will be different.

Because of COVID-19, Pride is going digital with online events in many cities, including Global Pride 2020, New York City Virtual Pride, Cincinnati Black Pride, and a “Can’t Cancel Pride” concert on iHeartRadio. There are plenty of ways to keep yourself entertained this weekend, but it won't be quite the same—online concerts are not nearly as fun as the music you blast with your friends at your post-march gatherings, and no one can DJ quite like a queer professional seasoned in giving the people what they want every year. But that's where our playlist comes in.

The songs on this list aren’t all dancing songs. Some of them are sway-in-place songs that encourage you to tap into your feelings. Others are songs that absolutely mandate you sing along to them at karaoke. (At-home karaoke can be a blast as long as your neighbors don’t mind!) No matter what, every song on this list will make you want to celebrate who you are, your chosen family, and the fact that Pride can never really be canceled. Crank up this Pride playlist, kick off your shoes, move your furniture, and get going on the dance floor.

30 Perfect Songs to Kick Off Your Pride Dance Party

Whether you're hitting the streets or celebrating at home, this playlist will get you pumped up and proud to be your true self.