3 Unusual Yet Natural Ways To Save The Earth

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unusual and natural ways to save the earth
unusual and natural ways to save the earth

Being green means being connected to nature. With World Environment Day approaching tomorrow, June 5, here are 3 completely unusual yet natural ways that may not sound the most appealing, but are nonetheless resourceful and helpful in reducing our environmental impact — so we can do our part to save the earth.

3 unusual yet natural ways to save the earth

Fertilising your plants with urine

unusual natural ways save earth
This all-natural plant fertiliser costs nothing and can effectively repel parasites. (Image: Jamie Fenn/ Unsplash)

Recently, researchers in agroecology have been getting interested in urine — which is apparently able to fertilise all kinds of plants and keep pests away at the same time.

Technically, it’s possible to recover all these nutrients that are good for plant growth by filtering urine. This method is being studied in several countries, such as the United States, South Africa, Ethiopia, India, Mexico and France.

While this method may be in the news at the moment, especially because of high inflation affecting food prices and agricultural issues linked to the war in Ukraine, it’s not at all new. Our grandparents’ generation already made use of urine this way. It’s a practice that has gradually disappeared with the arrival of chemical fertilisers, but could make a comeback.


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Relieving oneself in the shower

natural ways to save earth
This tip can help you save water, hence reducing your environmental impact. (Image: John Fornander/ Unsplash)

Staying on the theme of urine, this time we’re talking about a practice you can easily do while taking a bath. If you don’t have a composting or dry toilet at home, perhaps you’ve already put the trick of peeing in the shower to the test. Considered environmentally friendly, this habit, or reflex, which many of us probably wouldn’t dare to mention in public, allows us to save a few litres of water since it doesn’t involve flushing. Even if, we grant you, it is limited (in principle) to once a day.

Taking fewer baths

unusual natural ways save earth
Taking fewer baths can also contribute to saving the earth. (Image: R Architecture/ Unsplash)

Some people go one step further by opting for the opposite solution. That is, skipping the shower and spacing out the days of taking a shower or bath. In France, this method is not just anecdotal, since 19% of French women and 29% of French men claim to be practitioners, according to an Ifop survey published in 2020

Whether one adopts this lifestyle habit out of genuine environmental concern or out of hygienic laziness, it does allow for significant savings on one’s water bill in any case.

This story was published via AFP Relaxnews

(Main and featured image: Annie Spratt/ Unsplash)

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