3 former 'Love is Blind' contestants say being on 'Perfect Match' was harder because of one key difference between the shows

Izzy Zapata, Jessica Vestal, and Micah Lussier star in "Perfect Match" season two.
Izzy Zapata, Jessica Vestal and Micah Lussier star in "Perfect Match" season two.Ana Blumenkron / Netflix
  • "Perfect Match" season 2 stars four former contestants from "Love Is Blind."

  • Micah Lussier, Izzy Zapata, and Jessica Vestal spoke to Business Insider about their "Perfect Match" experience.

  • They said the dating competition was harder than the marriage-focused series.

Warning: Spoilers ahead for the first two episodes of "Perfect Match" season two.

Three "Love Is Blind" stars told Business Insider that competing in "Perfect Match" was harder than their original marriage-focused series.

"Perfect Match" season two features four former contestants from "Love Is Blind" — Jessica Vestal, Micah Lussier, Izzy Zapata, and Trevor Sova.

Though they had already been on Netflix's biggest dating show, Jessica, Micah, and Izzy told Business Insider that filming "Perfect Match" was tougher.

Jessica described "Love Is Blind" as "definitely more my element."

"I've always dated with the marriage mindset with just not the tools as far as how to get there," she said. "So I mean, 'Love is Blind' just prepared me to be able to be vulnerable and date in a place where you kind of just give it your all."

The contestants who make it through the "Love Is Blind" process get married at the show's end. "Perfect Match" is competition-based, not marriage-focused, and has not produced lasting relationships so far.

In the show, contestants from different Netflix reality shows date each other and cast votes for a winning couple at the end of the season.

Micah also acknowledged the differences between the two shows and told BI that "Love Is Blind" helped her gain the confidence to appear on another reality TV show.

"I think it did allow me to be able to gain a confidence that I probably wouldn't have had going into the 'Perfect Match' house without being on 'Love Is Blind,'" Micah said. "So maybe it was a nice little starter."

"Perfect Match" season 2 cast.
"Perfect Match" season 2 cast features stars from across Netflix's reality TV show slate.Shane Lopes / Netflix

Izzy similarly told BI that he found "Perfect Match" difficult because he went into the show with the idea that he would find his wife.

"It was definitely harder," he said. "I went in with the 'Love Is Blind' mentality and learned very quickly, it ain't no 'Love Is Blind.'"

Izzy was eliminated from the cast in "Perfect Match" season two, episode two, when his original partner, Tolú Ekundare, dumped him for another man.

Despite his early elimination, Izzy told BI that he was happy to leave the house because there wasn't anyone he was interested in.

"We had to leave the house, and when I came back, it was a whole different game plan," Izzy said. "Honestly, at that point, I realized there was no one there for me, which I didn't mind just because I was hopeful there was an opportunity down the road to come back into the house and hopefully land on a date."

New episodes of "Perfect Match" season two premiere on June 14.

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