3-D printed 'Tensegrity' structure appears to defy the laws of gravity

Footage shows a "Tensegrity" structure that appears to be an optical illusion defying the laws of physics.

Filmed on March 3 the model - initially on its own in the shot - is brought forth where it is shown being disassembled succumbing to gravity.

It is then returned to its original position and a bottle is placed on top further portraying the illusion of gravity defiance.

The filmer explained: "This is a demonstration of a unique object created with a consumer-grade FDM (fused deposition modelling) 3-D printer.

"At first glance, the object appears to defy gravity and creates a type of optical illusion.

"The object is called a tensegrity structure and uses string in tension to create a stable structure.

"This video shows some of the exciting possibilities provided by 3-D printing technology."