The 3 Best New Trader Joe’s Finds I Bought in May

They're instant adds to my shopping cart.

<p>Simply Recipes / Sarah Crowder</p>

Simply Recipes / Sarah Crowder

Trader Joe's is always dropping new products, but this month I really struggled to keep up. It felt like every single day the grocery chain was plopping new and returning items on the shelves. It was honestly more than any TJ's lover and product reviewer can reasonably handle.

But never fear, dear reader, because I did my darndest. I estimate I tried close to 20 new products this month, and I lived to tell the tale. There are plenty of tasty options available, but a few really stuck out to me. Between me, my husband, and my neighbors, we all agreed that these three new products reign supreme.

Look for them at your local Trader Joe's, and get them while the gettin' is good! You never know when they'll yank a product off the shelf just as quickly as they added it.

<p>Simply Recipes / Laurel Randolph</p>

Simply Recipes / Laurel Randolph

Trader Joe's Passion Fruit Granola with Dried Raspberries ($3.99)

I've already talked about how much I love TJ's peanut butter granola, so when I saw a new granola on the scene, I snagged it right away. Plus, I love passionfruit and am happy to see it popping up in more and more American products.

The passionfruit granola is delightfully crunchy and clustery and is packed with real fruit flavor thanks to baked-on passionfruit purée. The freeze-fried raspberries add even more delightfully tart flavor. I simply cannot get enough. I eat it with plain yogurt and add in a sprinkle of toasted almonds or cashews for some extra protein.

<p>Simply Recipes / Laurel Randolph</p>

Simply Recipes / Laurel Randolph

Trader Joe's Yuzu Kosho ($3.99)

Some of you may remember TJ's yuzu hot sauce, which was pretty tasty. This has a similar flavor, but is in more a traditional paste format. Yuzu, like passionfruit, is a fruit having a real moment with American shoppers. I'm all for it, since I adore both of these tart fruits.

This yuzu kosho is delightfully tangy, salty, and just spicy enough. I've heard it's great on sushi, but I've only tried it on chicken so far and I'm hooked. You can simply spread it on food, like sandwiches or sushi, or you can use it in a sauce or marinade. I used it to marinate chicken wings, and I'll be mixing it with aioli for a dipping sauce for fries or veggies next.

<p>Simply Recipes / Laurel Randolph</p>

Simply Recipes / Laurel Randolph

Trader Joe's Prosciutto-Wrapped Fresh Mozzarella Cheese ($4.99)

While the concept is simple and sure, I could make this myself, this is a clutch item to have on hand for impromptu gatherings or drop-in guests. The prosciutto is high quality as is the cheese, and the batons feel like a real deal appetizer. They look nice, they taste great, and all you have to do is open the package.

I served this prosciutto-wrapped mozzarella when a couple of friends came over along with a bottle of wine and some nuts and everyone was delighted. It was the perfect amount for a snacky group of four, but would feed six if you're offering more of a spread. I'm keeping a package in my fridge's deli drawer from now on.

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