3 Bernedoodle Puppies Saved After Owner Leaves Dogs in Hot Car to Dine at Disney Springs

Authorities removed four puppies from the vehicle, but one of the dogs was euthanized due to the extent of their injuries, per the Orange County Government

<p>Orange County Animal Services</p> The Bernedoodle puppies rescued from a hot car at Disney Springs on May 4

Orange County Animal Services

The Bernedoodle puppies rescued from a hot car at Disney Springs on May 4
  • Authorities from Orange County, Florida, responded to a call about four puppies stuck in a hot car at a Disney Springs parking garage on May 4

  • The pet owner parked the car in a covered garage and left the window cracked, assuming it would be enough protection for the puppies, according to a release from the Orange County Government

  • One of the Bernedoodle puppies pulled from the car died after the incident; rescuers adopted the three remaining dogs

One puppy is dead, and three others are safe after a hot car rescue in Florida.

According to a release from the Orange County Government, the owner of the puppies, who is not identified, recently purchased the four Bernedoodles from a breeder. On May 4, while driving with the dogs, the pet parent stopped at Disney Springs to have dinner with family.

The dog owner parked at a covered Disney Springs garage and left the puppies in a locked, unairconditioned car with a window cracked open, "assuming the covered parking garage and cracking a window would be okay for the dogs," the release added.

According to Weather Underground, the temperature in the Orlando area reached 86 degrees on the evening of May 4. The inside temperature of a car parked outside in 85-degree weather can reach over 100 degrees in 10 minutes, per the ASPCA.

<p>Orange County Animal Services</p> Two of the Bernedoodle puppies saved from the hot car at Orange County Animal Services

Orange County Animal Services

Two of the Bernedoodle puppies saved from the hot car at Orange County Animal Services

The Orange County Government noted that a garage security guard noticed the pups in distress and called for help. When help arrived the puppies had been stuck in the hot car for 90 minutes.

"One puppy was found unresponsive and, despite intervention by paramedics and the Veterinary Emergency Clinic, euthanized due to the extent of the injuries. The remaining three puppies were able to recover with medical assistance and have been adopted by Central Florida Tourism Oversight District’s Fire Department staff," the Orange County Government release shared about what happened next.

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The Orange County Government said it shared this story "to highlight the importance of not leaving pets in cars, no matter the location."

"Every summer, we deal with cases like this, where someone runs into a store, the mall, or similar venue and opts to leave their pet in the car, assuming it'll be a short trip," Diane Summers, the manager of Orange County Animal Services, said in a statement. "It's heartbreaking and infuriating for our staff and animal-loving community when pet owners make this mistake as preventable tragedy can and does occur."

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<p>Orange County Animal Services</p> A Bernedoodle puppy with one of their rescuers

Orange County Animal Services

A Bernedoodle puppy with one of their rescuers

"People have this misconception that shade or cracking the window will alleviate any concerns of overheating, it's simply not the case, an animal should never be left in a car, especially during the summer months of Florida," Summers added.

The release also shared that the Orange County Sheriff's Office is reviewing the incident.

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According to a May 8 Facebook post about the rescue from Orange County Animal Services, "In the state of Florida, the law clearly states that it is illegal to leave an animal locked inside a parked vehicle, unattended, and without adequate ventilation."

Despite this law, the agency spends time each year training its staff and community about the dangers of leaving pets unattended in parked cars.

"We at OCAS just ask our community to please remember that they are more than just pets. They are more than possessions. To remember that they need us, more than we need them. And that most of the time, they cannot survive without us. We shouldn't put these gentle hearts at risk. Please, keep them safe. Keep them home," Orange County Animal Services added on social media.

According to the Orange County Government release, people who see an unattended pet stuck in a locked car without air conditioning should contact law enforcement immediately.

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