This New $3.29 ALDI Find Is All My Family Ever Wants

It's the perfect Alouette dupe.

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Simply Recipes / Getty Images

I absolutely love flavored cheese spreads, and I’m particularly partial to the Alouette brand. However tasty, Alouette isn’t kind to my pocketbook. So, I was stoked to discover a new product at ALDI—Emporium Selection Gourmet Spreadable Cheese that is the perfect dupe for a fraction of the price.

What’s So Amazing About Emporium Selection Gourmet Spreadable Cheese

Whereas Alouette goes for around $7 per package, Emporium Selection Gourmet Spreadable Cheese is less than half that price—a 6.5-ounce container costs just $3.29 at my local store (and interestingly were stocked right next to the Alouette packages. My ALDI sells three flavors of these gourmet spreads: Peppercorn Parmesan, Sharp Cheddar, and Garlic & Herb, though I saw online that there’s also a Horseradish & Cheddar flavor, too.

And, boy are they absolutely delicious! Each spread starts with a creamy yet dense texture, and each flavor profile shines through. The Peppercorn Parmesan is studded with bits of black pepper, the Sharp Cheddar is definitely sharp, and the Garlic & Herb is nicely garlicky.

My husband says that his favorite is the Sharp Cheddar, but he’s a true cheddar-head, raised in Wisconsin, so cheddar is always his favorite. Truthfully, I am partial to them all.

Though I haven’t tasted these spreads side by side with Alouette, if my taste memory serves me correctly, there’s not any noticeable difference between the two brands.

<p>Simply Recipes / ALDI</p>

Simply Recipes / ALDI

How I’ve Been Enjoying ALDI’s Spreadable Cheese

I’ve mostly been enjoying these spreads on crackers and even dipping potato chips in them (carefully so the chips don’t crumble), but I think they’d be stellar on sandwiches and wraps.

My favorite local fast takeaway restaurant makes this turkey cranberry wrap with an Alouette-like spread as the base before loading it with fresh spring greens, cranberry sauce, turkey slices, and pecans. I think any of the Emporium Selection Gourmet Spreadable Cheese flavors would work in a wrap like this or even a hearty steak sandwich, too.

The Pepperson Parmesan and Sharp Cheddar would taste especially great on burgers, and I think a container of the Sharp Cheddar could be whisked into a homemade mac and cheese to add some extra creaminess. Or the Garlic & Herb could be added to a baked spinach and artichoke dip instead of cream cheese and as a filling for little, hollowed out tomatoes.

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