A 28-year-old said he dreamed of being a pilot since he was a kid, and finally getting to fly his parents was 'the most special day' of his life

  • A 28-year-old pilot went viral with a video about finally getting to fly his parents on a recent trip.

  • Kristers Laicans said he's always wanted to be a pilot since he was a little kid.

  • Laicans has also responded to commenters who mocked how he unintentionally missed his father's hug.

A new pilot went viral after sharing a heartwarming video capturing the moment he finally got to fly his parents on a recent flight. He later told Insider it was the "most special day" of his life.

In the clip, which has been viewed five million times since Monday, the 28-year-old Kristers Laicans could be seen standing in a plane anticipating his mother and father stepping on board. He embraced both of them and they beamed at him with pride as he directed them on where to sit.

Laicans told Insider he works for Wizz Air, a Hungarian low-cost carrier, as a full-time pilot, and has been dreaming of being a pilot since he was a little kid. In the description of the video, he said his parents have "worked so hard and sacrificed so much" to give him the opportunity to become a pilot.

Laicans said he got his pilot license in 2020, but he only started flying as an airline pilot about two months ago. The flight in the video was from London to Milan on October 25.

A spokesperson for Wizz Air told Insider the company is "delighted that he was able to share this special moment with his parents."

Endeared viewers showered Laicans with congratulations and support. "Well done man what an achievement," one person wrote. "Oh that's just wonderful so happy for you," another commenter said.

Warm sentiments aside, some users zeroed in on a moment in the video where Laicans seemed to miss his dad's attempted hug after embracing his mom. Instead, he shook his dad's hand and did not notice he was gesturing in.

"Omg give your dad a hug right now," one top comment with over 1,200 likes said.

"No the dad bit made me sad," another person wrote with a teary-eyed emoji.

Laicans addressed these comments, telling Insider it was a "complete mistake" and that he did not mean to slight his own father.

"I don't care what the comments say," he said. "Me and my dad have a perfect relationship and some silly comments don't affect that at all, it's a shame that they don't fixate on the incredible moment this was for me and my family and care about a silly mistake."

Since Laicans' viral TikTok, the first video he's posted on the app, he has uploaded more clips of him on the job, like proudly sitting in the cockpit and the stunning views he and his co-pilot have.

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