These Modern Living Room Ideas Are Far From Boring

modern living rooms
50 Modern Living Room Ideas You'll LoveJanis Nicolay

Defined by clean lines, natural materials and minimalist decor, modern home design is one of the most well-known interior design styles. In the living room, the aesthetic translates to a space that feels airy and uncluttered, yet cozy and welcoming. Here, we've rounded up dreamy modern living room ideas that showcase steal-worthy design trends and functional layouts for casual family time.

Whether you're designing a family-friendly living room or looking for small living room ideas, there are many design avenues that can be taken to achieve a fresh and elevated space. Sleek sky-high shelving, custom fireplaces and grand architectural elements can create a modern living environment filled with both visual interest and functionality. The right accessories, like stylish area rugs, colorful accent chairs or statement lighting fixtures can quickly modernize a simple interior. Patterned wallpaper, pops of colorful fabric and a fresh coat of paint can all result in a modern, chic and inviting space.

As you scroll, you'll find there's something for everyone — even if your design style strays a little more traditional, rustic, boho or coastal. There are endless ways to infuse a touch of modern design into your living room design, no matter the overall feel of the home. For those designing an apartment living room, we've sprinkled in plenty of renter-friendly ideas (think artwork, peel-and-stick wallpaper and ultra-modern furniture).

Decorate Sky-High Shelving

Not only do these striking shelves take advantage of vertical space, they showcase collectibles, books and artwork and infuse color into the interior. Here, JAM Interior Design uses a mix of modern, traditional and vintage pieces for a curated look.

living room with high built in shelves, built ins, bookcase, white walls, ladder, storage, library

Go Glam

Designed by Ali Budd, this elegant living room is outfitted with a statement chandelier, blue velvet curved sofa and multiple marble coffee tables (six to be exact). For even more contrast, there's a gallery wall comprised of white and black artwork.

a room with a blue couch and a chandelier
Valerie Wilcox

Find a Colorful Couch

Pair neutral walls and floors with a colorful couch for a pop of personality. Take note from design firm ballonSTUDIO, which goes for a forest green fabric and a modular design.

modern living room with green couch
Aubrey Pick Photography

Make the Most of Vertical Space

Not only does this modern space — by designer Kristen Elizabeth — feature floor-to-ceiling windows, but the striking two-story fireplace also maximizes the room's the vertical space.

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a living room with a fireplace and armchairs
Stephanie Russo Photography

Follow the "Rule of Three"

Many interior designers embrace the "rule of three," which states that objects and art grouped in threes appear more interesting and intentional. Here, LP & Co. displays three similar but different paintings, accompanying each with a picture light.

a room with a couch and a table with a lamp and pictures on the wall
Angela Newton Roy Photography

Make Windows a Focal Point

Let large windows be the center of interest, which is particularly easy when there's a great view. To welcome natural light and stick with the organic aesthetic, designer Christina Kim hangs brown textured blinds.

a living room with a white couch and throw pillows
Raquel Langworthy

Display Art on the TV

This light-filled living room designed by Reena Sotropa features a wall-mounted TV that blends seamlessly with the modern style. Disguise your TV as a piece of artwork, whether with a beautiful landscape or black-and-white abstract print featured here.

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a living room with a fireplace and a round white table
Phil Crozier

Design an Accent Wall

To contrast the surrounding white walls, Kirsten Blazek of A1000XBetter installs a whimsical wallpaper to forge a moody accent wall.

whimsical living room with wallpaper
Virtually Here Studios

Position a Grand Piano

Take a cue from LP & Co. and make a grand statement with a high-gloss black piano — whether someone in your house can actually play or not.

a living room with green sofa and lime green arm chairs and a black piano
Angela Newton Roy Photography

Highlight Curves

Here, designer Kristen Elizabeth swaps harsh lines for gentle curves. Add an element of drama to an interior with curved furnishings, from sofas and armchairs to coffee tables and wall decor.

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a living room with a large window and curved sofa
Rikki Snyder Photography

Introduce a Moody Hue

Although we often associate modern rooms with bright, neutral paint colors, there's a case to be made for dark, moody interiors. This dreamy modern living room, designed by Keyanna Bowen, features deep blue walls.

monochome blue living room wall
Keyanna Bowen

Design a Light and Bright Interior

White walls, trim and ceilings help guarantee a space feels bigger, brighter and more airy. To stick with the white color palette, designer Christina Kim brings in a large, white sectional sofa.

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a white living room with a fireplace and white sofa
Raquel Langworthy

Combine Black and White

The black-and-white color palette is sophisticated and timeless — plus, there are endless ways to recreate the classic look. Here, House of Nomad uses crisp, white paint for the walls, a mix of black and white seating, a black light fixture and a unique wall decor display.

black and white modern living room idea
Laura Sumrak

Hang Oversized Art

Take note from designer Lauren Jayne and hang large, abstract artwork over the sofa — an easy way to create intrigue and dimension in a smaller space.

modern living room with oversized art
Devon Banks

Transform Walls With Wood Paneling

While wood paneling was once an outdated trend, interior designer Rob Diaz proves the style can feel modern and trendy. Upgrade your walls by installing wood paneling, whether you go for shiplap, tongue and groove, wainscoting or flat boards.

living room with green walls and wood paneling
LA Light Photo

Pair Green and Gold

With deep green walls and a surge of gold accents, this living room — designed by Jenn Feldman — feels cozy, warm and inviting.

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a living room with a large window

Add Abstract Armchairs

While you may choose a more timeless fabric for your sofa, consider a daring pattern for the accompanying armchairs. Here, designer Mary Patton anchors this space with two black-and-white patterned accent chairs.

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white living room ideas abstract sofas and black versus white
Molly Culver

Keep It Minimal

Embrace a "less is more" ideology by keeping decor at a minimum. Opt for a spacious sectional topped with throw pillows, a large coffee table and simple, framed artwork on a crisp, white wall.

white walls, white couch with purple touches
Roderick Cruz

Mix Modern and Vintage

Designing a modern space doesn't have to be void of thrifted, antique and vintage pieces. For this balanced interior, designer Kristen Elizabeth pairs a modern sofa, a geometric area rug and white side tables with retro leather armchairs and an antique console table.

a living room with a couch and leather arm chairs
Rikki Snyder Photography

Play With Pattern

From the geometric wallpaper and abstract area rug to the textured fireplace mantel, designer Michelle Boudreau doesn't shy away from pattern.

green fireplace with green armchairs
Ellie Lindstrom

Embrace White Marble

Layered with white tones, this cozy living room features flat white walls, bouclé furniture and a marble fireplace, which "brings interest through the veining,"according to Gillian Segal of Gillian Segal Design.

modern living rooms
Janis Nicolay

Hang Meaningful Artwork

In this well-decorated living room, designer Emily Henderson puts heirlooms and collectibles on display instead of store-bought artwork. A few ideas include records, vintage postcards, love letters and Polaroids.

a couch with a lamp and a vase with pictures on it
Sarah Ligorria-Tramp

Create a "Room" With an Area Rug

When designing an open-concept area, position a large rug to carve out the living "room." Here, designer Reena Sotropa finds an area rug large enough to fit a sofa, two accent chairs, an armchair and a number of tables.

a living room with a large window and area rug, red couch
Phil Crozier

Go for Gorgeous Green

Often seen as a tie back to nature, the green velvet sofa has been trending for a while. Here, designer Katie Davis pairs two modern sofas with a charming green daybed and pulls the colors together with an assortment of throw pillows.

neutral living room with green bench and fireplace mantel
Kerry Kirk

Weave in Rustic Elements

Match a clean, white sofa with reclaimed wood side tables and coffee table to add personality to an ultra-modern interior.

vintage and modern living room
Tessa Neustadt

Consider an Acrylic Coffee Table

We love how Collected Interiors makes the most of natural light by opting for white textures and an acrylic coffee table.

white living room ideas wall art
Nicole Dianne

Keep It Cozy

Despite what you might think, modern and cozy can exist simultaneously. Adding in warmer tones and natural materials like stone help strike a balance in a living space.

modern living room ideas
Eric Roth / Getty Images

Stick to Classic Colors

Black and white is as classic as it gets. When those two colors are incorporated into a space with clean lines and natural light, it really elevates a room.

modern living room ideas
Michael Robinson / Getty Images

Make It Sleek

The sleek, sharp lines in this space make for a modern and streamlined living area. Styled in a minimalist approach, the space is orderly and inviting, yet ready to be lived in.

modern living room ideas
Nathan Kirkman / Getty Images

Consider Modern and Minimalist

Less is more in the world of modern interiors. Minimalist design doesn't have to be boring however. Grand focal points, clean lines and big windows keep things interesting.

modern living room ideas
Westend61 / Getty Images

Get Creative With Wallpaper

Wallpaper is back and better than ever. With so many design choices (and the option of peel-and-stick) it's a fool-proof way to elevate your living room.

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modern living room ideas
Courtesy of York / Getty Images

Distract From the TV

Mount your television for a more modern look and draw the eye elsewhere, like to a statement fireplace mantel. Add open shelving and eye-catching decor, and a TV will quickly fade into the background.

modern living room ideas, beautiful living room with hardwood floors, fireplace, and large bank of windows with view of lush vegetation, in new luxury home
Justin Krug / Getty Images

Infuse Modern Neutrals

You can still stick to a neutral color palette when aiming to design a modern living room. Weaving in different textures and materials will keep the space lived-in and inviting.

modern living room ideas, white penthouse interior
tulcarion / Getty Images

Incorporate Statement Fabrics

Statement fabrics add a fresh, warm take to a space. Window treatments and throw pillows are a great place to start.

modern living room ideas
Good Housekeeping

Make It Modern Glam

Intricate touches like a marble fireplace, brass sconces and custom built-ins create the perfect combo of modern and glam.

modern living room ideas
Ball & Albanese / Getty Images

Create a Gallery Wall

A gallery wall is a fun and easy way to showcase art and photos that are meaningful to you. It adds a personal touch to a room and can help extend the modern feel depending on what you chose to display.

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modern living room ideas
Roger Davies / Getty Images

Utilize Mirrors

Mirrors serve more than just functionality. Add a grand mirror over a fireplace to make not only a design statement, but also create the illusion of a larger space.

modern living room ideas
Good Housekeeping

Bring in a White Sofa

Chic and of-the-moment, an all white couch is a statement that will bring modern flair to any living room. Performance fabric is key and will ensure the longevity of your sofa.

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modern living room ideas, fresh and modern white style living room interior
tulcarion / Getty Images

Don't Forget Lighting

Lighting is one of the most important design elements in a space. If you're striving for a modern look, pick light fixtures that feel contemporary and chic.

modern living room ideas, modern scandinavian living room interior
CreativaStudio / Getty Images

Make a Statement Wall

Feeling bold? A statement wall can add a modern design element to a living room. Pick a primary wall and add a daring paint color or eye-catching wallpaper to create a focal point behind the TV.

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modern living room ideas
ExperienceInteriors / Getty Images

Turn the Fireplace Into a Focal Point

A grand fireplace makes for a great focal point in a modern living room. Not only is it beautiful, but it draws the eye up, making any space feel loftier and grander.

modern living room ideas, living room with vaulted ceiling
hikesterson / Getty Images

Keep It Simple

Straight edges and defined lines give this living room a modern feel. The dark rug also adds some moodiness to the space.

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modern living room ideas
CreativaStudio / Getty Images

Install Built-In Shelving

Custom built-ins are the key to elevating any space. They provide both storage and serve as a beautiful display case — what more could you want?

modern living room ideas, light filled living room with tall bookshelves
Stephen Simpson / Getty Images

Embrace Floor-to-Ceiling Windows

Nothing is more breathtaking than a good view through floor-to-ceiling windows. They provide the illusion of being outdoors, while still maintaining the comforts of home.

modern living room ideas, large windows in modern living room
Kim Sayer / Getty Images

Pick a Statement Color

Adding a bold color to a room keeps things playful. Consider using a piece of art or furniture to incorporate a pop of color, like this purple arm chair.

modern living room ideas
Good Housekeeping

Bring the Outdoors In

A living space surrounded by windows invites the outdoor landscape in and blissfully merges both indoor and outdoor living. Complete the look by bringing natural woods and textures inside, like a raw wood coffee table.

modern living room ideas, living room and dining room of modern house
Martin Barraud / Getty Images

Design With Clean Lines

Clean lines are a key modern design element. Straight and sleek lines of furniture, architectural elements and lighting add to the contemporary feel of this living room.

modern living room ideas
hikesterson / Getty Images

Go for Bold Paint Colors

Painting the walls a dark color is an easy way to make a statement. Keep the rest of the design clean and simple to prevent the space from feeling overwhelming.

modern living room ideas
Kate Osbourne / Getty Images

Merge Architecture and Art

A striking architectural element can be both beautiful and functional. This grand staircase looks as though it's a piece of art on display, while also serving a specific purpose.

modern living room ideas
alvarez / Getty Images

Add Custom Paneling

A design detail as small as wall panels can completely transform and update a space. Add a fresh coat of paint on top to make it even more chic.

modern living room ideas, royal blue living room
YKvision / Getty Images

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