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Send Your Grad off to College With a Personalized Tumbler for Coffee From the Caf

It's almost time to welcome the class of 2020 into the real world. Whether your favorite high school graduate is headed for college, trade school, a gap-year project or straight into the work force, make the transition easier — and more exciting — with these perfect gift ideas for your new grad. These high school graduation gifts meet right at the intersection of fun and useful, so you know your beloved graduate will feel celebrated and taken care of for the next year. They're the perfect present to bring to a graduation party too!

On our list, you'll find dorm-room must-haves, stylish wardrobe refreshers, Amazon best-sellers, personalized Etsy finds, and Good Housekeeping Institute-tested picks. And no matter what your grad is into — be it outdoor sports, cooking, new tech, or keeping up with makeup trends — these gifts will have them covered. (Our recommendation? Go with one of the personalized ones — college kids lose stuff in their dorms all the time, so sticking a big, fat monogram on everything from laundry bags to travel mugs will help them keep at least some of their stuff straight.) And while you wait for your order to arrive — FYI, most of these gifts come with free two-day shipping! — start writing a message in their graduation card. Just don’t let them see you well up as you do it.