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25 Empowering LGBTQ Anthems to Add to Your Pride Month Playlist

Besides watching the best LGBTQ movies and reading great books by LGBTQ authors, one of the best ways to celebrate Pride is obviously through music — and luckily for you, we've rounded up all the best Pride songs for your playlist right here. These LGBTQ anthems and songs by queer artists celebrate love and acceptance of all people, and range from classic hits that's long been regarded as iconic gay anthems (like "Y.M.C.A." or Madonna's "Vogue"!) to newer, more recent tracks by today's most powerful voices in music.

What exactly defines a song as a Pride anthem, you ask? There's everything on our list from empowering songs of freedom and individuality, to heartfelt tracks that celebrate love in any and all kinds of forms. Regardless of which tune you choose to blast, though, each of these 25 songs for Pride captures the spirit and strength of the LGBTQ community — and are great picks for celebrating Pride this month and every month after that. So press play and let your rainbow flag fly — and don't forget to don your best Pride apparel (and your most colorful rainbow makeup, of course)!